April Flowers For Your Home

I know, I know, it's MAY! But I picked up these flowers on Monday and realized I didn't do an April edition of Flowers for Your home. When I saw these open up, I was in shock. They are SO beautiful, I couldn't help but share!

These are a different variety of tulips and I'm sorry, but I don't know the name! They're not parrot tulips, I don't think. I got them at Trader Joe's for $7.99 and almost every single stem had MULTIPLE tulips on it! I've never seen tulips do this before. The first couple shots are from the first day I got them and the last picture is from yesterday, when they'd already opened a lot.

When you're a beginner at arranging flowers, it's always best to start by arranging ONE type of bloom per vase. A big bunch of tulips is the perfect place to start. A grouping of hydrangea is also a favorite of mine!

Look how opened up they are now! Did you know if your tulips start wilting you can throw a couple pennies in the vase and since they love the copper, they'll probably start standing up a little straighter. Though I do love the slight lean tulips do.

Have you bought any fresh flowers for your home lately? Or even better, have any flowers starting blooming in your yard or garden?!


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  1. Hi! Longtime follower (love your style - design and clothing!), but have never commented until now! I also live in GR and saw in TJ's Fearless Flyer that they're called peony tulips :) Hoping to pick some up soon!

    1. You are so sweet!! Thanks for commenting, Nicole! YES, they are peony tulips! I got told that a lot on Instagram and confirmed it with a quick google search. They were so beautiful. I hope you picked some up for yourself!


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