May 2019 Goals

It's the second week of May and it just feels like days are flying by. I can't keep up! Since we're busy getting our house ready, most of these goals are house-related. Surprise, surprise! 

In case you don't follow along on Instagram, here's our Easter picture :)

- Move into our house! The first step to this goal is getting packed up in the next week so we can actually do the moving part ;)

- Get our bathroom renovation complete (excluding doing the floors) before we move in.

- Start building our backyard fence & create a game plan for the backyard landscaping. It's going to be really simple-- deck, grass, rock path, some plants with wood chips over the flower bed areas. We're doing it all ourselves-- wish us luck!!

- Till up the front flower beds so we can prep for some new plants going in there.

- Attend McCann's cousin's wedding across the state.

- Get all the details together for my best friend's baby shower!! It's a girl (hooray!) and we have so many fun things planned for it. I'll be sharing the inspiration soon. If you have any great shower ideas or things you loved about your own shower, please tell me!

- Finalize details for our July Bloom Workshop here in Michigan. I can't wait for this one!! 

- See my grandma and aunt who will be visiting this month!

- Take Lincoln on a walk around the nearby lake.

- Change out my winter clothes for my summer wardrobe. It's a hassle, but it also makes me feel like I got all new clothes, ha!

- Celebrate Mother's Day! My mom will be in Hawaii (that's a pretty nice Mother's Day trip...but why weren't we invited, dad?! ;)) but I got her a pretty cute gift I'll be giving her when she visits in June. 

- Go on a date night. This season of renovating a house has been a little tough. Usually my husband goes and works on the house every night, so we haven't been eating dinner together much. I love eating dinner together, so this stinks! Hopefully we'll have time for a date night this month :)

- Order some products I need for summer. I'm grabbing this bronzer, tinted moisturizer with spf 20, this face oil, and this resurfacing peel (I happen to be out of the last two at the same time).

- Moving is not fun. Let's just be honest. And for me, moving is really hard because I'm so sentimental. My goal during this move is to not get stressed out, remember it's all a process and nothing needs to happen overnight. Trust God with the details and know it'll all come together. I also really want to focus on this not just being OUR home, but a place where we welcome people in frequently. 

What are some of your goals this month?!


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  1. Best wishes with the move! They are really never fun, but it's so worth it once you're moved in and settled in your new home. :) Happy May!


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