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I cannot even tell you how excited I am that I'm throwing one of my best friend's baby showers in June! I can hardly wait for the day to arrive-- you'd think it was my own shower ;) Ha! I have a couple friends helping out and together, we're creating something really lovely, girly (it's a girl!!) and sweet for our friend who loves everything dainty and feminine. 

I created an inspiration board for the shower (because, have you met me?! hehe) so I thought I'd show you some of our ideas!

1. Balloon Garland: I mean, it's just so fun!! My friend Tara at One Stylish Party is my go-to for things like this. I'm so excited to get our custom garland in the mail. Gonna be honest, I'm nervous to create it (never done it before!) but hopefully I can master it. My plan is to do it quite a few days before the shower.

2. Bubbly Bar: For the drinks, we're thinking of doing a mimosa bar with different juices, then of course the mama-to-be can just drink juice without the champagne. We'll have fruit garnishes and then also have infused water as another option.

3. Flower Bar: Nothing makes me more excited than creating this!! We're going to let guests make and take a small bouquet of posies home for the favor. Our friend LOVES flowers (she even has a cut flower garden in her yard!) so this shower wouldn't be complete without one of these.

4. Custom Sugar Cookies: I get these made for almost every special occasion around here. Madri is the best, if you're local!

5. Glass Goblets: these will be part of our bubbly bar. I promise you things taste better in a fancy goblet!
6. Bows: The theme of the shower is Bows & Blooms, so we asked each guest to bring a bow to start the little lady a bow collection! It can be a bow, headband-- whatever they want! One of my friends helping with the shower might be making something similar to thing bow wreath that guests can clip their bow onto when they arrive.

7. Treats: We're doing an afternoon shower, so the food will be fruits, cheese & crackers (think charcuterie board), and small bite desserts that are easy to pick up.
We're doing something pretty sweet and actually having a bit of time for a couple activities instead of games. We didn't want to do anything cheesy ;) (but if you have any non-cheesy baby shower games please tell!!) so we're going to be writing the new mama some notes to open after the baby is born, painting some baby blocks, creating our flower arrangements, and a couple of other special things. Can't say more in case my friend is reading ;)
Since I've never had a baby shower, tell me what your most favorite thing you did at YOUR shower was in the comments! Or if you've been to a shower and seen something fun, do tell!
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