Cozy Throws & Pillows for Fall

You might know this little fact about me already, but I don't decorate for or start embracing fall until the last week of September or first week of October. I'm just a summer-loving-girl, and fall means winter, so I try to savor as much of summer as I can! However, cozying up our home can start in September ;) I'm a very minimal holiday decorator to begin with-- instead, I try to focus on neutral touches that have texture. 
Adding cozy knits and a couple of new pillows to your home is a great way to spruce your living room and bedrooms up for autumn without going crazy with fall colors, fake leaves, orange pumpkins, etc. Here are some of my favorite blankets! Below you'll find a bunch of different pairings of toss pillows in a few color palettes. 

Now for the fun part! I LOVE changing out my pillows for new seasons. In spring and summer I have floral pillows, in fall I go a little darker with some navy pillows, and in winter around Christmas I do gingham pillows. Below are tons of gorgeous pillows that would be perfect for fall! Dusty mauve, navy blue, neutrals, rust, mustard and terracotta colors are all beautiful tones for the new season. I also encourage you to play up lots of textures during this time of year to make your home feel more cozy!

The great thing with pillows is you don't need ALL new ones-- you could simply add a patterned lumbar pillow to your mix to change up the look a bit. What are your favorite pillow combos here?! I'm really drawn to all the combinations on the left side!

When do you start pulling out your fall decor?


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