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Let's talk about podcasts. I used to never listen to them. I've always listened to music, but on very low volume in the car. I'm not sure why, ha! But I thought I'd hate listening to more talking while I was driving or walking or whatever. Turns out I was wrong-- I love them! I thought I'd tell you about the podcasts I listen to and really enjoy. Some are faith based and others are just for fun. I'm open to suggestions and want to hear all your favorites, too!


Ask Pastor John, with John Piper: a couple times a week John Piper answers questions in 15 minutes or under. He's one of the most solid Bible and gospel teachers I know, so my husband and I really value these! Solid Joys is also a podcast I listen to, which is also by John Piper and they are usually about 3 minutes. Such good truth packed in there!

- Journeywomen Podcast, with Hunter Beless: I have a hard time finding true gospel-rich resources, but friends, this one is SO on. Each Monday Hunter brings on a woman who loves the Lord to interview them on a specific topic for about 45 minutes to an hour. Even if I am not interested in the topic that week, I always listen and I'm always convicted and pointed to Jesus. You can head here to check out all the episodes and play the topics that interest you! I think you'll find Hunter + all the guests she has on to be really Christ-focused. It's practical and encouraging! 

Fierce Marriage, with Ryan and Selena Frederick: these two are cute, funny and really have a heart for Godly marriages! I love listening to them discuss topics about marriage in their roughly 50 minute podcast episodes that come out weekly. 

Knowing Faith, with Jen Wilkin, JT English and Kyle Worley of The Village Church: I really like Matt Chandler, the pastor of The Village Church, and Jen Wilkin, the women's bible study leader at TVC. I've found this church is saturated in the gospel, the scriptures, and loving people well, so when I found they had a podcast, I was excited. The three hosts discuss different topics and questions each episode and they're typically pretty in-depth, which I appreciate, even if I don't understand ALL of it.

- Revive Our Hearts, with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: this woman is so full of gospel truth. I always get encouragement and conviction from her!

- That Sounds Fun, with Annie F Downs: Annie is fun and relatable and she always loves the Lord. I LOVED her series on the Enneagram and highly recommend if you're interested in that! 

- Made for This, with Jennie Allen: I love Jennie Allen, the IF Gathering, and all of her books I've read have been awesome. Her podcasts are short and sweet and packed with truth bombs. I love the emphasis she puts on community, too. 

- The Collected Podcast: this is a faith-filled podcast hosted by Jes, Tia and Mikala of The Collected Retreat workshops. They interview people who are businesses owners, musicians, missionaries, moms, dads, and everybody in between. In fact, they even interviewed me ;) They ask thoughtful questions of their interviewees and they always encourage listeners, point to Christ and our purpose in life because of Him. 

Our conversation airs today and we talked a lot about being a business owner and believer. If you'd like to listen, you can do that here! Thanks for having me on, ladies! 


- Almost Famous: this is a no-judgement zone, right?! ;) This podcast is with Ben and Ashley I of the Bachelor and I'm not going to lie, I love their recaps. I don't always agree with their commentary, but I think they're at least thoughtful about it and it's just fun.

- Scrubbing In: This is with Becca Tilley of the Bachelor and her bff Tanya Rad. They talk about pretty much everything under the sun and I think they're so funny!

- Asking for a Friend: this is Lauren Conrad's podcast where she interviews friends of hers who are leaders in certain industries, like hair, fashion, photography, and they give us tips on those subjects! A client of mine told me about this one and I'm so glad she did.

Okay, spill! What are your favorites?!


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