How to Get Ready in Five Minutes or Less!

What if I told you you could get ready in five minutes for the day using just six products?! You'd think I was lying, right?!

Wrong. I'm telling the truth and you need to hear about how!

I'm not even a mom yet and I already know the importance of quickly getting ready and out the door to my client appointments and meetings. With Beautycounter's Flawless in Five collection, you can use these six products to get ready in five minutes or less and look dang good, too! Here's what you get as a part of this discounted collection:

1. Foundation: Our Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation is BC's FOUNDATION even though it sounds like it could a tinted moisturizer ;) You can use your fingers to apply, but I highly recommend using a foundation brush for a smoother, more even application. If you use your products, you also tend to lose /
 waste product on your hands. Scroll below to see the foundation brush you can get for FREE right now with the purchase of Flawless in Five. Tint Skin Foundation contains hyaluronic acid which helps bind to moisture so your face looks supple and hydrated all day without being oily-- yes, please!

Application Tip: put your moisturizer on as soon as you're done washing your face or right after you get out of the shower to make sure your skin is nice and smooth and hydrated. If you're extra dry, add a couple drops of our facial oil to your moisturizer. After you apply this, wait 5 minutes to be sure it's soaked into your skin, making sure your foundation doesn't go on oily or slide off your skin. Apply from the inside of your face, fanning out. I use a foundation brush to stipple it on all around, then go in circular motions to blend it all in!

2. Concealer: our Concealer Pen comes out easily with a click of the end of the pen. This is a medium coverage concealer and it goes on nice and smooth.

Application Tip: Apply your eye cream first to be sure your eye area is very hydrated!  Next, apply concealer in a triangle and blend down and out, instead of only applying right under your eye, like below. A major thing you want to avoid is putting powder under your eyes! The way to make your eyes look best is a light to medium concealer and keeping the eye area hydrated. Powder will make it dry and build up in our eye creases. 

3. Eyebrows: With Flawless in Five you get to choose from an Eyebrow Pencil or our Eyebrow Gel!

Pencil: Use brow like strokes starting at the inside and working to the outside of the eye. I lift my brow at the highest arch of the eyebrow while I draw these lines and use the spoolee comb to brush color through my brow after I draw in with the pencil.

Gel: Just comb through your brow following your natural shape. If you have unruly or wirey brows, you can use the clear gel to hold them in place even on top of your pencil. (Some people like one or the other and some people prefer using both! For Flawless in Five you get to choose between the two.)

4. Mascara: We have two choices you can chose from with this collection-- Lengthening or Volumizing. I much prefer our volumizing mascara for the brush shape and size and the formula. If you're used to more of a water-proof mascara, you might prefer our Lengthening mascara. Both formulas are carnauba wax-based, which means your lashes are being conditioned while it's on there!

Application Tip: this may not be "right" but I find it works best fo me-- I apply mascara on the top and bottom of my lashes, whereas most would just apply under the lash. I feel like this gets them coated much better. I also do 2 coats of it like this.

5. Blush: I absolutely love our powder blush! I love Melon.

Application Tip: Our blush is highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way and I always suggest dusting some off your brush before applying.

6. Lip Gloss: I'm OBSESSED with our gloss and I've tried manyyy over the years! It's not sticky, it's long lasting and I love the vanilla scent. My go-to's are Azalea and Peony for a light color. I love Fig for fall/winter.

At each step of the interactive Flawless in Five process, you get to choose your color. If you need help choosing colors or color matching for foundation, let me know!

 TODAY ONLY if you purchase Flawless in Five, you'll get our retractable Foundation Brush for FREE with your purchase. Flawless in Five is valued at $187, but you get it for $150 + a free brush valued at $35. That's over a $70 savings!

I'm not sure if you've heard, but I have a skincare consult you can fill out for suggestions! Take my skincare consultation questionnaire here and I'll be in touch within 24 hours with a personalized skincare / makeup plan for you. Whether you want to change out a couple products or get a whole new regimen, I'd love to help!

Happy Friday!
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