September 2019 Goals

I hope you all had a really wonderful Labor Day weekend! My mom and grandma were here this weekend visiting because my grandma's sister who lives in Detroit passed away (she was 94) last week and they came for the funeral. It was a really beautiful service and I'm glad they were able to come for it and spend a couple extra days with us.

Well, somehow it's September! I am going to get back into sharing my goals here on the blog with you each month (hopefully). 

- It's our Anniversary month! September 18th will mark 3 years of marriage for us, which is so surreal to me! I want to focus on being more selfless and serving my husband more-- this month especially. We want to do something fun and special around our anniversary. We haven't planned it yet (and it won't be anything crazy, probably dinner and an activity of some sort) but we're excited!
- With our anniversary, I think we'll do a Q&A on instagram stories. Let me know if you have any questions for us!

- A huge goal this month is to get our backyard ready for our landscaper to seed it the last week of September. I cannot WAIT! Finally we'll have a backyard...right in time for winter and snow ;) ha! You guys all let me know Fall was the best time to plant seed and the landscaper agreed, so that's what we're doing. 

- After the yard is graded and seeded, my husband needs to finish the last wall of fence, then it'll be complete!

- I've had a goal of blogging about our moving and adjusting to our new house process for months, so this month it's on the calendar!

- Another business related goal is to sell out of our Bloom Bash Dallas workshop tickets. We're almost there! I can't wait for our workshop in Texas in November. We've been to this venue before and it's my favorite of all time. I'm thrilled we're going back and can't wait to meet everyone!

- Go to my favorite Farmer's Market and get the big, beautiful dahlias! September is their season.
- I'm hosting a Beautycounter pop up on the 13th this month and so my goal here to order the samples I need for the party and then make it a really fun night for the ladies coming. If you're local and want to join, let me know! It'll be in Rockford, MI.

- I need to get back into my routine of doing a workout video every day. I take the dog on long walks, so I'm getting that in, but without a gym I want to be more dedicated to using my weights and working other muscles! We're planning to join a gym this winter which I'm super excited about.

- If you know me you know that while I do love fall, it also scares me because it means winter is soon around the corner. Ah!! I can't even fathom that, haha! I don't decorate or do anything fall-like until the last week of September, but then my goal is to decorate my front porch (I always do that first) and get a new door mat. 

- Have my husband's grandparents over for dinner to our house. I already know what I want to make. This recipe is SO good! 

- Get a new fall jacket. I've had the same one for years and it's too short in the arms now. I'm thinking something like thisthis or this. If you see any cute fall jackets, send them my way!!

What are some of your goals for the month?

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