Our 2020 Fall Porch

I'm not sure about you, but decorating for holidays or seasons is something that brings me joy, even in the midst of hard times or in this case, a very hard year. Someone recently told me I find joy in decorating because I share it with everyone so the joy comes from the encouraging comments. She said she didn't feel the need or desire to decorate since no one can come in her house this year (Covid) and that since I have a place to share my home (this blog!) it's different for me. I'm here to say that's simply not true. Don't get me wrong, I do love sharing our home with you here! But that's not the reason I decorate, nor should it be the reason any of us do it. The reason we decorate (an extension of celebrating!) should start from a desire within ourselves. Maybe it's because switching up decor makes you happy or seeing pumpkins reminds you of a new favorite season,  or maybe it's simply because you like tinkering around with different vignettes and styling items around your home. 

I think of my grandma, who is also an interior designer, who still loves to decorate. They used to live in a huge lodge-like home that she'd decorate to the nines for each and every holiday. It was so grand and special! Since they've moved into a smaller, more manageable home for them, I've really admired this about her: she still decorates it the same. Not for anyone but her! Truthfully, my grandpa could care less ;) and sure, maybe a few friends see it, but other than that, she decorates because she loves it and has fun with it. I hope I'm always like that, no matter how big or small my home is. I hope this always brings me joy!

All of that to say, I decorated our little stoop (porch?) for fall a couple weeks ago and thankfully I took some photos, because if you've seen on Instagram, the squirrels have since demolished a couple of my pumpkins- ha!  I love driving up to the house and seeing a little bit of fall here. It's super simple and though I have dreams of a grand porch covered in pumpkins and mums one day like this, this is just fine for now. My husband also might kill me if I spend $150 on pumpkins ;)

I did a little DIY project on these Terracotta pots before planting the mums. I just used the interior paint color on our walls to paint the pots and used a wirey paint brush to create some texture. Then I sanded the pots after the paint dried. I didn't want them to look brand new. 

You know Lincoln had to get in on the action! He got a new fall/winter scarf from this adorable etsy shop, so I had to try it out on him before our family pictures. I think it's just so cute! And you know my dog, very shy in front of the camera. It's like his personality just vanishes! 

He couldn't be more thrilled ;)

I think I spent about $50 on the whole porch including the mums, pots, and pumpkins! I call it a festive win. Have you decorated for fall yet?


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