Protecting & Nourishing Your Skin Barrier

As a skincare enthusiast (among other things!), I love learning from other skincare experts on social media. The truth is, the key to great skin isn't a 20 step skincare routine. Seriously, it's not that complicated! The key is protecting and nourishing your skin barrier. And that is actually pretty simple, as long as you know what ingredients to incorporate. That's what today's blog post is all about.

The skin barrier protects our skin from pollution, toxins, chemicals, etc. while holding in moisture to keep the skin hydrated. When the skin barrier is strong, it gives us soft, firm skin.  

When it's damaged, the skin barrier allows irritants to enter the skin and cause dehydration.  

Think of the skin barrier as a fence -- it keeps bad things out and protects what's inside.  A damaged skin barrier can't protect as well.  

+ Over-washing & over-exfoliating are two of the BIG ones that cause damage!  

+ Stress - hello 2020!  

+ Bad/dry air quality - forced heat keeps us warm, but can be hard on our skin. 

+ Genetics/age

*Try this homemade mask recipe: 2 tbsp plain yogurt, 1 tbsp manuka honey - provides gentle exfoliation through natural lactic acid and nourishes skin.

You may experience redness, inflammation, dehydration, sensitivity, and/or scaly skin.  

It's really pretty simple, thankfully!

1. SPF: EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Make Zinc Oxide your BFF  Beautycounter's new Daily Sheer Defense provides incredible lightweight protection that glides on like a moisturizer and feels great under makeup. 

2. Antioxidants (like Vitamin C and Bakuchiol): By reducing inflammation, antioxidants allow skin to repair itself and correct visible damage.

+ Vitamin C is one of the most studied antioxidants available on the market. Other than being a free radical scavenger, vitamin C has other skin benefits, like boosting collagen production and fading dark spots. Beautycounter's C Serum blends two forms of Vitamin C. And did you know studies have shown that using sunscreen with Vitamin C protects the skin from further photo damage caused by ultra-violet rays?!  

+ Bakuchiol is a natural antioxidant that performs like retinol without the harsh side effects, and it's found in Beautycounter's Countertime skincare line.  

Vitamin C and Sunscreen are BFFs!  

But incorporating antioxidants into your skincare regimen can be as simple as masking and/or cleansing with manuka honey, which  provides antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory benefits!

* Try this homemade mask/cleanser recipe: 1 tsp manuka honey, 1/4 tsp turmeric, 1/4 tsp lemon juice.

3. Hyaluronic Acid: Already naturally-occurring in skin, hyaluronic acid is a humectant that attracts and holds moisture in skin cells. Hyaluronic Acid fortifies the skin barrier to help lock moisture in for an even more dramatic hydrating effect. Over time, this can help to slow down the deterioration of the lipid barrier and help protect and fortify it. When the lipid barrier is further enhanced and protected by hyaluronic acid, the skin is better able to defend itself against environmental age-factors and pollutants. When it’s not fighting these toxins, the skin remains less wrinkled, brighter, and more bouncier longer.  

And you guessed it, Beautycounter includes hyaluronic acid in quite a few of their products from facial serums to even their Skin Twin Foundation, which is why it feels and looks so good on skin! The creamy concealer also has it in there.

 Having a strong skin barrier is the key to healthy skin and thankfully, if it becomes damaged, it is reversible!

It's never too late to start nourishing and protecting your skin barrier. Like I always say, remember that small changes add up over time!

Zinc Oxide, Vitamin C, Bakuchiol and Hyaluronic Acid are 4 ingredients that are beneficial for protecting and repairing your skin's barrier. And while I personally love Beautycounter's offerings with these ingredients, you can find these clean ingredients in the products of many different brands. 

If you're struggling with dehydrated, peeling, inflamed or sensitive skin, email me at or you can take my free skincare consult where I'll send you personalized suggestions!


I also wanted to show you a quick peek at a couple fun fall gift sets (they make great holiday gifts!)  I'm so excited for you to see them all here! These are not only fun because there's lots of new products and shades, but they're also very affordable. If you've been wanting to try a couple things from Beautycounter, our gift sets are a great way to do that at a really good price.

Beautycounter doesn't regularly sell makeup palettes that contain both eyeshadow and blush, so this Golden Hour All-In-One Palette ($65) is one you should definitely grab if you've been wanting to make the switch to clean makeup. This palette is made up of limited edition shades and comes with a pull-out mirror making it a really fun gift as well! As always, Beautycounter batch tests all of their color cosmetics for heavy metals. This highlighter is GORGEOUS and I love that the mirror is a hidden little surprise for convenience.

The Brightside Duo is the set I think will sell out first. It's $75, which is a great value! The All Bright C Serum is $79 on its own, so to get this serum and the Overnight Resurfacing Peel (another game-changing skincare product) together for $75 is such an amazing deal! I've been referring to this set as the AM/PM set because the C serum is a daytime product and the peel renews your skin while you sleep. 

If you haven't yet tried Beautycounter's new lipgloss formula, this Beyond Gloss Trio ($45) is a great way to get three universally flattering shades. These are limited edition colors, and they're so pretty!  You get 3 full size glosses in this set, and one gloss is regularly priced $29, so it's a great deal.  Treat yourself with this one! Or keep one or two, and gift the third ;) 

The Jellies were so popular last year that they brought them back and also created them with shimmer!  This set is $39 and makes for such a great gift for a tween or teen.  These lip jellies are limited edition; and once they're sold out, they'll likely be gone until next year.  The formula is super moisturizing and not overly tacky. The colors are light and sheer. I love these shimmery shades!

Let me know if you have any questions! I hope this was helpful.

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