For Japan with Love...

Instead of doing a Fashion Friday post tomorrow, I'll be participating in the blogger day of silence to honor and pray for Japan.  {This week I'll be doing a Fashion Saturday with a low bun hair tutorial!} 
Watching the footage on the news breaks my heart into pieces, as I can't imagine the full gravity of the situation for those who are living it.  Sometimes I feel like I am so little and cannot help in situations like these, but God is stronger.  He is bigger than a tsunami and He alone is faithful. Join me in sending our love, our thoughts and our prayers to the people of Japan.  For more information on how you can help, go here.

Love and Prayers for Japan,


  1. when you mentioned being small and feeling like you can't help I could totally relate with that. Sometimes all we can do here is pray and know that God will use our prayers! one of my really good friends wrote a post about the mustard seed and prayer for this tragic event. it was a really moving post, and you might enjoy it!

  2. Definitely joining you, friend!

  3. praying today. thanks for posting this. it is so very sad.


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