She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Me!

This week I'm back with my own version of She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not! Let's dive in:

She Loves Me:

1. This amazing infinity pool. 
The arches, palm trees and, oh- is that blue sky? I forget what that looks like- yes, I love it all.

2. Cute trench coat from RueLaLa.  I need this real bad.

3.  Practical Theology for Women was such a great book! 
It taught me to lean on what I know to be true of the character of God. He is Faithful.

4. This cute white desk from Pottery Barn is calling my name. 
 I'm going to be attempting to refinish my own for my bedroom at home.  Details coming tomorrow (:

5. The fact that I drank close to 36 ounces of tea today. 
Don't yell at me, Mom. But it's the only thing that keeps me going during finals week!

6. This beautiful living room from  Me Oh My!
Dontcha just adore the rug??
7. Definitely made the right decision in saying yes to this spring dress over at Meadow Boutique:

8. CALIFORNIA in 3 days!

She Loves Me Not:

1. It's finals week. 
If you follow me on Twitter, you know that because I've been complaining venting. At least I have cute glasses, right?

2. It rains in Seattle.
Not sure if I've mentioned that before.  Today it poured harder than ever and at a scary diagonal slant.  We also experienced thunder and lightening, in which I clicked my heels together 3 times and said "there's no place like home"...then I looked up and I was still here. I love this city. 
This is real evidence, people.
3. I was so happy Brad picked Emily, but the after show was so weird. 
UGH. What is going on?! Thoughts??
On a bright note, I do LOVE her hair this way.
4.  I have to memorize 105 pieces of art, their artist, title, date and era painted. AWESOME.

5.  On saturday I'm going home, which is a love, but you know what I don't like? Airport Security. 
Take off your shoes. Which exposes my long crazy socks.
Take off your sweater {wait, my sweater is my top, so now I'm standing there in a cami...}
Take off anything metal: bracelet, headband and belt.

So by the end of security, I'm standing there almost butt-naked. I count it as a good experience if I make past the pat-down.  It's also a plus when they don't look through my luggage because it beeped through the machine...if they do I have to explain that no that baby blanket is not mine, it's my little sisters.....
okay, it's mine.

What are you loving and not loving today?

Happy Wednesday!

Love and xoxo,


  1. I will memorize art for you (: art history was my favorite and ALMOST urged me to change my major to humanities... alas, humanities cannot easily get me a career haha

  2. Good luck with your finals! I would never be able to remember all those artists and such, reminds me of a bad history class I had in 10th grade. So not going back there!!

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  4. love the print dress and that pool is to diiiie for! xoxo jcd :: stop by, im hosting a custom print giveaway you'll just love! cornflake dreams

  5. The Desk!! Love it! So simple and I like the clean white color. Oh! That dress is adorable, I almost one that looks just like it for my shop. You have great taste little lady! =D

  6. I LOVE that desk and that living room!

    Good luck on your finals!

  7. Love the living room. And your blog! xo - your newest follower

  8. I can't believe that your semester is almost done, when do you start...July? ;) I hated memorizing all of those paintings, couldn't do it.

    I didn't watch the Bachlor this season, but now you have me curious!

  9. totally agree about the bachelor, the ending was so strange, it's like she didn't like him anymore...poor brad!

  10. Yes very cute glasses! Love. It's raining here too. I am hating it! good luck with finals!

  11. I love the desk, the dress, the infitity pool and the beautiful living room! I hate the rain too! Good luck on all your finals, I know you'll do great! xoxo

  12. It bothers me when they even touch my baby blanket... I don't know where those hands/gloves have been, it's not like they change them in between searches...

  13. 1, I am also re-doing my bedroom at home! Can't wait to see what you do :)

    2, Tea is life during exams/essays/anything stressful. My current favourite is English Breakfast (I ran out of cream earl grey)

    3, For my art history exam in first year, I taped paper to the wall in my apartment and wrote out every single piece of art and all the info about it and walked up and down the hall memorizing. I think it was 30 pieces of art, but we had to know 10 points about each piece. Not. fun.

    4, Boo airports. I can take the train home from school (which has it's own issues...) but that sounds no fun.

    5, Today I am loving Law & Order UK, my new Orly nail polish in Ancient Jade, large cups/mugs of tea, and I'm trying to make myself love HTML/CSS for a project due on Friday. It's not going so well...

    Sorry for the novel of a comment haha Hope you have a fab day!!

  14. funny, funny :)

    i've been needing a new book...i may check that one out.

  15. Wow what a great rain pic! All the telephone wires adds to the beauty! It totally made me laugh, sorry! haha Just keep looking at the cali photo on the beach! Carmel here we come! Mama

  16. I love that white desk! I have a knock-off white desk from Ikea that works for now, but when I'm ready to really start decorating/furnishing I'll be looking for something similar.

  17. Good luck on all of your finals sweet friend! You're going to rock em! :) And I was SO excited about Brad and Emily - I even cried during the proposal! But then the After the Rose show made me SO confused! I mean, I completely understand that there are going to be struggles with their relationship, but to air them RIGHT after I was so happy about them together was horrible!

  18. great post!!!! Love your glasses & those cute spring dresses and I'm following you now on Twitter @moderndaywife :-)

  19. love love the living room and the pottery barn desk! :) i feel ya on the airport security stuff! i just had to do all of that last week. i was one of the "chosen ones" for the extra pat down! lol! very exciting stuff! ha!

  20. I know exactly how you feel about Airport Security. Last time I traveled I was wearing a sweatshirt with a T-shirt underneath and instead of asking me to remove my sweatshirt I had to put in a different line to get 'frisked'. So annoying. If i didn't love traveling to far away places so much, I think I'd rather drive. Your blog is amazing!! So glad I found you! If you get a chance check out mine. I'm still a newbie but I'd love to know what you think of it! Have a great day, xoxo

    Leah from

  21. Girl, you've got some great loves! That white desk is so dreamy, and I LOVE that rug :)

  22. Girl... you crack me up. "Don't yell at me, Mom". I bet she'll give you and exception during finals week?! ;)

    I also have to say that the picture of the infinity pool really really makes me want to be somewhere tropical... like... right now!

    Happy Wednesday and best of luck on your finals, you'll do great!

  23. You are adorable love bug. And those glasses will give you the best grades ever. I just know it :)


    Love love love that dress! :)

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  25. good luck with finals!! i freaking am hating school right now...advanced stats..kill me now.

    i just need that dress and a pool and i am

  26. So behind . . and no time . . but YES! Love emily's hair that way. Ending = ultra weird!!!

  27. You have to memorize 105 pieces of art!? Wow... Girl. You. Are. Awesome. ...I don't think I'd have the patience lol.

  28. Totally strange in the ATFR!! I mean what going on with these two? They love eachother? hugh...I don't think so. If you really love someone you wouldn't wan to be away from them......just saying....ughh total let down of the full happily ever after.....okay back to you...I love your loves! Fun fun post!

  29. I'm going to have to check out practical theology for women..just by the cover it looks like such a good book! and oh my gosh, seriously WHAT IS UP with this Emily girl? I was in love with her on the show and then all of a sudden all this craziness comes out in after the final rose? ugh!

  30. Oh my goodness do I feel you on the Emily situation! She was a completely different person on the after show! Ugh......poor Brad!


  31. Adore that dress, agree about Emily {after show and hair!} and YAYYYYY for California trip! xo

  32.'s my sisters! That's funny. I hate airport security, too. When they open my stuff and start touching it all, I want to scream. At least we are safe though. Right? See how I turned that into a positive?? Haha.

  33. You are very very amazing and beautiful and reading your comment is such a joy! Your blog is one of the first blogs that I had ever read and that I now follow religiously lol You have such a passion for fashion and interior design and for people that it is inspiring! You have such a cute, easy, and laid back style! lol I would love for you to be my stylist! hehehe You have even inspired me to start my own blog :)

  34. where in the world can i get that rug!!??

  35. Sources say Brad and Emily are BROKEN UP! I thought she was sort of weird/mean/snobby on the after show. It was like, "WHO ARE YOU, GIRL?!?!"


    I live on Chai Tea Lattes from Starbucks. THOSE keep me going during the week too, especially finals!!

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