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I couldn't be more excited to have one of the sweetest bloggers around to be here guest posting for me today.  Courtney, over at A Thoughtful Place, is one of the bloggers I look up to the most.  
Not only because she has fabulous style, but also because she inspires me to be a great mom one day!  Her house is beautiful, her DIY's are amazing and her heart is even sweeter.  I'm so thankful for blogging friends like Courtney.  Here's what she's lovin' and not lovin':

Hi! I am Courtney from a thoughtful place and I couldn't be happier about hanging out here today! Michaela has become so dear to me and I am thrilled to be dishing about what I love and don't love right about now!

She Loves Me:

Jennifer Lopez:  I wasn't sure about her being an American Idol judge. But I have to say that I am loving her and her wardrobe. The girl's got style and it seems becoming a mom has softened her up a bit.

Stripes, Stripes and More Stripes! I feel like Dr. Seuss, but I like them on a shirt, I like them on a bed, I like them in a house and I like them on a blouse. I am a sucker for stripes.

Tory Burch 'Aurelia' Wedge Pump
Tory Burch Wedge:  These are darling. I love the height, the color, and the open toe. Yes, please!

Breakfast:  I can't stop eating Belgian Waffles with Strawberries and Powdered Sugar. There is something about starting the day with this and a hot cup of coffee.

Swimsuits!!! I am in love with the design of this bikini from Victoria Secret. The back is so sexy.

She Loves Me Not:

Steven Tyler's Feminine Wardrobe is bringing me down. But so is the creepy way he looks the female contestants up and down. Just sayin'. It's not cool.

Charlie Sheen: He is so "not winning."  Enough said.

Printed Leggings: Do I need to explain?

Gas Prices:  So not cool. And they are going up daily. I think I might ride my bike more.

Mind Tricks The Bachelor is Playing on Me: So NOT loving that I actually felt sorry for Michelle on Monday's Bachelor. The girl has issues . . .but those women were just cruel. 

And that's that my friends! A few of the juicy things I am lovin' and hatin' right now. Thanks so much to Michaela for having me!

Thanks, Court! After last night's Bachelor I asked myself why I now find myself liking Michelle, too! And stripes are so hot right now {guess what movie that line comes from and you win}! Be sure to hop on over to A Thoughtful Place to say hi to the lovely Courtney (:

Happy Wednesday!

Love and xoxo,


  1. haha so much about this post made me laugh. charlie sheen is nuts, and my husband is saying "winning!" every chance he can get. so sick.

    i want that belgian waffle. and to punch michelle from the bachelor in the face. i think she is a major manipulator and i almost felt bad for her...

  2. Great feature! I love reading these:) I think I need to start watching the bachelor.. I'm missing out!

  3. Ugh. Charlie Sheen. I am so over it... im tired of the 'breaking news' stories all about him!

  4. Love ya Courtney! And, of course, agree with just about everything as always!!

  5. Great list Courtney. I am so over Charlie Sheen, he is an idiot and they need to stop doing interviews with him! Love the TB wedges and Jlo- especially her fab wardrobe. Oh and you are not the only one who felt sorry for Michelle. During the season I really didn't like her but the other girls were brutal Monday night!!

  6. I too love the things you love;

    but I like Steven Tyler in American Idol... he has a style of his own and I guess you know he's got talent ♥

  7. Great post! Must admit, not a fan of American Idol or the Bachelor, but I completely agree with everything else Courtney mentioned :)

  8. I'm loving all the loves!

    And a big negative on the rising gas prices!

  9. Fun series idea, very clever and cute!

  10. I love this feature post! I always enjoy reading it! Love all the loves and don't love gas prices so much either!

  11. lovely post. i totally agree with printed leggings - eeek!!

    headed to check out her blog now :)

  12. Oooh two of my favorite girls in one place! WINNING! (ha)

    Courtney, can we go ride our bikes in our printed leggings to eat belgian waffles with Michelle from the Bachelor? Mkay, thanks.


  13. I felt the same way about Michelle Monday night and I felt tricked too ha! And I LOVE a good Belgian waffle with heaps of powdered sugar! :)

  14. I'm with you Michaela...Courtney is such a sweetie and amazing at, well, *everything*!!! I'm still dying over the stripes and Dr. Seuss comments...clever girl! Hilarious. And DITTO on the Steven Tyler...I'm getting the creeps just thinking about it!

  15. agreed... those tights are gross.

  16. So with you girl- except I haven't watched the Bachelor so I have no clue there:) But Mr. Sheen- so over him! Love those wedge TB shoes!

  17. These are always such fun posts:-) I'm loving the VS swimsuit, can't wait for the sunshine and getting my tan on! xoxo

  18. OH I want those shoes, they are DIVINE.. I also really like the swimsuit - pretty - just wish I would look like the model in that suit as well - LOL!

  19. What a great idea for a blog series! I also love Courtney's blog! So happy to find yours too! I love the Dr. Seuss comment! :) Great list.

  20. i love courtney's blog too!!

    Love all your LOVES... and i've had enough of charlie sheen too... and gas prices... ugh! both need to go away, ASAP!!!

  21. Great list! I SO AGREE about the Bachelor! Those women were insane! I ended up liking Michelle after that night - thought she handled the crazy criticism with class.

  22. I have a stripe obession too...and I like green eggs and ham!

  23. love all your loves. for sure. hands down. yes.

  24. amazing pics! loved them all!

    happy wednesday michaela :)

  25. these are my faves!

    I am LOVING Jennifer Lopez on Idol too! And over Charlie Sheen!!!

    xo!Lauren @ tickled.

  26. Totes agree about Michelle...still not liking her but felt bad after Monday night as well! Boooo! And you KNOW I love anything TB! xo

  27. LOVED this!! Gas prices are ridiculous and I'm barely driving anymore unless I have to, those waffles look yummy and I wish I could wear a swimsuit like that.. so cute!

    and I have a question for you! I bought a serving tray from goodwill the other day that I'm going to paint white. I wanted to put something on the sides where the handles are so that it wouldn't be so plain. I'm not sure if I should put my future last name (since I'm using this for my wedding) or a design. I want to be able to use it at home too. I'm stumped! Hope that made sense :) ha

  28. Love Courtney! Now I am craving waffles with strawberries. Yum. I saw a girl this weekend wearing leopard print leggings. Um, no thanks!

  29. I need that bathing suit oh my goodness!! So fabulous :)

  30. Those waffles look absolutely amazing!! I will take some...right now. I totally had tears in my eyes the other night for Michelle. UGH! I thought I didn't like her. They were ruthless though. Poor thing.

  31. Love the waffles, the stripes , J Lo, the swimsuit and the Bachelor show!! Fun post Courtney and Michaela!

  32. That bathing suit = the heavens opened up.

    Not really, but it IS amazing!!!

    Here's the thing...after three kids, no matter how thin you are, some things just don't look the same. Ever.

    I should've bought that 9 years ago.

    (I had kids young...married young. I'm young. Promise. 31's young... right? Please say yes. Haha.)

    As for Michelle - psycho...yet I, too, was feeling slightly sorry for her. Man. She's good.

    Sophisticated Steps


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