She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Honey We're Home

I'm so excited to have Megan from Honey We're Home
here day sharing her loves and loves-me-nots, too! If you missed my own version of today's post, go here.  
I adore Megan! Her blog is one of the very first blogs I found out in blog land and was immediately smitten.  I found her blog back when she had 50 followers and now she's all famous (: I love her beautiful home and how her and her husband designed it themselves, her closet, and her sweet, sweet heart.  
Take it away, Megan!

A big ole smooch to the cutest blogger around, Miss Michaela, for allowing me to be here today.  

She Loves Me

1.  Oly Pipa Coffee Table
Uggghhhh, I’m so in love with this coffee table.  I thought it would be the perfect round replacement for our current (kid friendly but not-so-pretty ottoman). I could be insane because for about ten seconds I actually considered paying the outrageously expensive price tag.  Then, I came back to earth! 

2.  Manolo Blahnik 'Enato' Strappy Sandal
Just perfect!

3.  Michael Kors 'Madison' Clear Resin & Crystal Watch
This watch was my birthday gift from my husband and I’ve been wearing it nonstop!

4.  OPI Nail Polish
And how fun, they have a TEXAS collection!! 

Our favorite place for Sunday brunch.  The croissants, coffee and breakfast pizzas are awesome!

Loves Me Not:

1.  Messy Baby Floors
Of course, the baby is adorable, the dirty floor is not.  I think I need a splat mat or whatever they’re called!

2.  Women’s Oxfords
Just not feelin’ it.

3.  Oprah’s show ending

I’m so sad to see her go, I can remember watching her show after school since I was in about 5th grade!  I’ve been watching the “Season 25: Behind the Scenes” though on OWN and I love to see what goes into making the shows. 

4. Smoking

Nuff said!

5.  Daylight Savings
Of course I love the extra hour of daylight in the evenings and those long summer days, but waking up the last few mornings has been tough! 

Thanks for letting me hang out at your blog today Michaela!

Thanks, Megan! I love that coffee table and those shoes and am definitely not feeling woman's oxfords.  Just not my style! 
Be sure to pop on over to Honey We're Home to say hi to Megan and cutie patootie baby, James! 

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Love and xoxo,


  1. me too :) i have to click every single one to see them!

    but anyways, i LOVE tiny boxwoods and san tan-tonio OPI!

    great list megan!

  2. I love that coffee table too! So gorgeous! I bet you could rock the oxfords Michaela! :)

  3. That coffee table is so amazing:) Have a fantastic day, kisses

    Ps: I’m hosting a cool Loop GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in:)

  4. Definitely agree with Megan's picks! Those shoes are gorgeous! And daylight savings is no fun. It was hard to wake up for class this morning haha

  5. <3 the OPI Texas Collection!

  6. I just found your blog and love it :) Great guest post as well!

    loving the manolo's. so classy

    cant wait to read more

  7. I love the OPI Texas Collection! What a great blog! xo

  8. I love this series! Megan had a great loves me/loves me not list! That is a gorgeous coffee table! Maybe there's a less expensive, but just as chic copy out there!

  9. OPI nail polish is the best!

  10. Of course I agree with Stylish Megan's list. LOVE that coffee table and those MB shoes! Agree about the messy baby floors and oxfords are so ugly.

  11. Love the colors in the OPI Texas collection! Own a couple.

  12. Ohh I love Megan too, Michaela! Her closest is amazing and of course an inspiration to me too :) xo

  13. LOVING the Texas OPI collection! See some must-have colors in there!

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  14. Yay to all the "Loves".

    Women's oxfords. What were they thinking? Seriously.

    Gonna have to check out her blog! You have me curious. ;)

    Sophisticated Steps

  15. i will take all of the loves. thanks.

  16. I love these posts!! I hate messy food too, I definitely need a splat mat and OPI is so wonderful!!

  17. Fun series, Michaela!

    Megan, the Oly sofa table is lovely indeed. Do I even dare to look at the price tag...

    We are past the food throwing stage here. But I need tools and equipment to stop my 3 year old from climbing book shelves!

    Hugs to you both.


  18. coffee table--amazing! and also am a hater of daylight savings--boo!

  19. I just recently found her blog and I love it! I LOVE this "She loves me" series that you do! So fun!

  20. cute idea! You can send that watch my way!

  21. I love this series! That coffee table is TDF!

  22. That coffee table is perfection! Love it!

  23. Ugh I think I need a splatmat too. Great post ladies.

  24. Manolo Blahnik = happy heart


  25. Michaela, this series is really fun- I had fun putting the post together- we always share what we "love" so it's fun to think about what we don't love so much:) thanks for having me! And thanks for being in the original 50:)

  26. Oh I love you and Megan BOTH!!! What a power post! Agree with both the loves and hates! xo

  27. I just love her closet. WOW!

  28. I LOVE your blog!! Thanks for following me. I am so excited to be your newest follower! xo

  29. Ohmygosh! I have been watching Oprah: Behind the Scenes, too! I love it, I don't know why... because she's so ridiculously powerful it's lii-inducing? LOL!! But, thing is, I just can't look at O the same after taking this class about her...


    This is the best post-series idea ever! I'm so glad you thought of it. I love it. :)


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