She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Serenity Now

Today we're hearing from one of the most genuine, fabulous mom's, Amanda, from Serenity Now. She never fails to brighten my day! Her youngest daughter's name is also Michaela {& spelled the rare!}, so we instantly bonded. Let's see what she's loving and what she's not...

She Loves Me:

1. Affordable Spring Fashion
I'm a stay-at-home mom, so I need something that's cute but also budget-friendly. Love this look from Old Navy:

2. Fun, Flirty Trends
I love me some big earrings! An instant lift to most outfits. I dig this pair from Stella & Dot:

3. Technology
My DVR...I'm not sure how I survived the Dark Ages without one. If I miss Grey's Anatomy, the earth could spin off its axis. Or maybe I'd just be really ticked for a few minutes. Either way, it would stink.

4. Toys
Lately, I've been having all sorts of crafty fun with my Silhouette machine. I'm even hosting a Crafty Cutter link party this week on my blog.

Loves Me Not:

1. Insincere blog comments.
I can totally tell when you copy and paste "Cute! Come to my blog and follow me." on 67 different blogs. If you leave me an interesting comment, the chances are much more likely that we will become friends.

2. Ugly shoes
There is too much fabulousness going on out there for you to be seen wearing these:

3. Boring Facebook Status Updates
Entertain me! You can do better than give me a running list of what you ate for breakfast and the errands you'll be running this morning.

Big thanks to you, Michaela, for sharing your blog with me today! You have the sweetest attitude and great style. I wish I could get my hair to look like yours, but I will settle for reading your tutorials.
Hope you all will come and visit me at Serenity Now!

Be sure to go say hello to the sweet Amanda! You'll find some hilarious and creative posts on how to stay sane as a mama. Her girls are adorable, and equally as funny. Also, be sure to join her fun weekend bloggy reading party-- it's a great way to meet new friends!

Happy Wednesday!

Love and xoxo,


  1. Love that look from Old Navy pretty ♥
    Love DVRs, makes our life more convenient:)

  2. That dress from Old Navy is super cute! Love the colour, it's so fresh! xo, Gabriella

  3. I love that old navy outfit! So fun and spring-like! Totally agree with all the nots:)

  4. LOVE the LOVES! I dislike insincere blogging comments too! I hate the "I'm a new follower, follow back". I hate ugly shoes too HAHA love these NOTS!

  5. Hi Michaela!I wound just your blog and i admiring this!Like your blog romantic and pretty!<3


    Come my blog too:DA small whisper in the wind:

  6. Your comment about blog comments cracks me up! It totally bugs me when people do that! Anyway, I love the old navy look....perfect for spring (now if only spring would arrive in Michigan, I would be all set!)

  7. Very cute outfit - I'm a big fan of Amanda's :D ITA with the earrings, they can perk up any basic outfit!

  8. headed to her blog now!! great post :)

    those earrings are precious.

  9. Michaela, I love your blog. Pretty sure I'm going to have to start following. :) I wanted to thank you for reading about my project on Modern Jane and for leaving a comment. As a new blogger, I sooo appreciate that! And, the chair is fairly comfortable - just not soft like velvet anymore.

  10. Great list . . .those fantastic shoes just made me spill my coffee. I was giggling so much. Have a great day, girls.

  11. Ha ha ha! I'm laughing at the blog comment one! I've seen that one as well -- or ones that promo a giveaway in the comment. Oh well.

    And crocs? Yeah. I get it. I do wear them for gardening because I can hose them down. hee hee hee.


  12. Ha ha ha you make me laugh! Loved the facebook comment, seriously!!! So funny:-)

    Loved that bag too, and I simply cannot wait for Spring shopping this weekend, woot woot!

  13. Thank you so much for the feature, Michaela! I have to admit that I also have ONE pair of those ugly shoes...but they do not have faux fur and I only wear them when I'm gardening--like Rachel said, you can hose them off.

    Fun to read these comments. :)

  14. love me some stella & dot! and i don't know how i lived without my dvr either!!
    and i've hated crocs ever since i first saw them!

  15. I think from one SAHM to another, we could be twins. Three cheers for the LOVES and the LOVE NOT's. Except for the DVR...I don't even have satellite. Amazingly, I'm still alive. ;)

    As soon as I get a chance to escape all my motherly, wifely, businessly (wow - that's not even a word) things I have to do...I'll be hoppin' on over to say "Hola!" ;)

    Sophisticated Steps

  16. Those earrings are soo pretty! Love this post! Great information!

  17. Totally agreeing with her today. I hate the same, cheesy comments over and over. No, I will not come back and follow you. The end.

  18. Got to love fun flirty things (especially in those earrings)... Got to hate ugly shoes, no matter how comfortable they are!!

  19. I have read Amanda's comments on other's blogs, and is always so genuine!! Agree about the shoes, but I too have some for the yard!! LOL

  20. What a fun list from Amanda. I totally agree with both lists!

  21. I love the spring outfit! So pretty! And those earrings are fab too!

  22. Yes, yes, yes! I'm all about my technology...and I'm completely 1000% with her on the blog comments...spend 30 seconds and think up something at least *semi* original, 'kay? (c: And those earrings are just fabulous...

  23. SO so true about the insincere blog comments! And of course I love those earrings...they're on my list! :)

  24. awesome!! I want a silhouette soooo bad! ha

  25. You have really great work on fashion, I have also some collection on the spring fashion I hope you like it

  26. Hahaha! That list was perfect! Agree with every single one!

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