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This quarter I'm taking a class called Housing. Every aspect you think of in the housing realm will be covered.

I'm actually really excited about it because for some reason, I'm obsessed with houses, their floor plans, their value and how people function in them.  You may remember the advice my mom gave me before a first date..."don't draw any floor plans on the napkin at dinner!" Really, mom...(:

Yesterday in class we talked about the evolution of houses.  The first homes ever built were small, one room houses with a basic set of four walls.  That grew into a little larger home with one or two bedrooms.  After WWI, privacy and neighborhoods became very important to people.  More emphasis was placed on the family and on women's roles in the house.  If you look at a home built in a certain time period, you can clearly see what was important to the family through the floor plan.

A large kitchen with a dining room close by (for the betty crocker mom to perform her duties in), a separate living room, and more clearly defined spaces were important to families in post war times, today it is much different. We look a newly built homes and we're seeing a lot of eco friendly design, importance on function, more bedrooms (each with their own function), large gourmet kitchens (even if you don't cook!), and a Great Room instead of separate living and family rooms.

Studying this sort of thing, as well as the styles of homes got me to thinking. I'm wondering what type of homes my friends and readers live in?!  Do you live in a bungalow (craftsman), modern or contemporary home, georgian or colonial, ranch, tri-level, townhouse, cottage, or victorian?

Take the poll on my sidebar about which style of home you live in! And within the style of the house you live in, tell me in the comments what do you love or not love about the way it functions? These are all questions interior dorks like me wonder (:

I'm excited to be sharing my knowledge from this class with you!

Happy Friday!! Super fun giveaway coming on MONDAY!



  1. ummm.... ill call my apt an exotic home :) ha!

  2. victorian!!! makes my heart beat a liitle bit faster :)

  3. What a fun class to take! I am really loving the second one...I love long wrap around single story houses

  4. Now that would be such a fun class to take! I will vote in the poll. I think I am an old school wrap around porch kinda girl:)
    Happy weekend!!
    <3 Anna

  5. So fun! I am definitely a fan of the craftsman look!

  6. I live in a townhouse, but I'm definitely a fan of the cottage and victorian looks! :)

  7. Hi Michaela,

    We live in an upstairs craftsman duplex. The downstairs is an exact copy.

    What I love: HUGE windows with divide panes near the top. Lovely fireplace with built-in bookshelves on either side and windows above each for pretty symmetry. French doors and solid wood doors with original hardware. Millwork trim on walls, doors and windows. High ceilings and generous sized rooms. Kitchen nook off of kitchen.

    What I don't love. The kitchen and kitchen nook are tucked in the back of the duplex, away from the living and dining room and next to the bedrooms. One bathroom. Not a ton of storage.

    How fun to take classes that you feel absolutely passionate about!

  8. What a fun post! We currently live in a 3-story townhome. We love how it is extremely open and all the square footage we have. However, it's not our forever home -- it won't be the best for kids with all of the stairs.

  9. Hi there! I am the newest follower :-) You found me first, I really appreciate your interest in HOMES! I live in a tiny 320 square foot mobile cottage with my husband and son. We decided to downsize - well, really were forced into downsizing - with an economic catastrophe. It really made us examine our needs, and wants, and to separate them clearly. We are as happy as can be in our small home, and look forward to using it as a 'base' while we do our world wide TRAVELING! It took two years, but we have arranged our lives, thanks to our tiny home, so tha we will leave in January 2012. Houses are great, when they REALLY fit your lifestyle.

    Headed out to check out your amazing blog!

    Debra at www.320squarefoothome.com

  10. I'm totally the same way with homes! I live in an apartment for school, but my home home was built in 1901, and I adore the character it has! 10 ft ceilings, 13" baseboards, chunky moldings, huge floor heating vents, original hardwood, funny noises haha And the floors creak too so my brother can never sneak up on me :)

  11. I have no idea. Haha. Mine is a cookie cutter tract house. : )

  12. I am so thankful for the home we have, but am always looking up homes (in the MLS) in our neighborhood when I see the "for sale" signs up!

    We just took out the fireplace in our living room, which was kind of the block between it and the dining room and I am loving the more open floor plan. I also hope to some day get rid of this big wall in our kitchen and build an island, to open our home up even more!

    The main thing I love about our house is the room off the garage we call the "rec room". This room houses my desk and craft area, the girls' toys, our TV and a couch we move around depending on if we are playing or watching TV. I love that we can all be together, and that my living room isn't built around toys or TV! It was so nice to have company the other night and sit and visit in the living room and feel like it was a grown-up space :)!

  13. We're on our little journey looking for our home :) It can be so hard especially when trying to find a house with charm instead of a "cookie cutter" home.

  14. I'm late to the party, but we live in a 1900-ish side-hall colonial. It has amazing moldings and architectural details, tons of windows, and I love how every side of the house is filled with natural light. Things I don't love: the lack of closets and cabinets. The two closets that we do have (yes, two closets in the entire house) are not deep enough to close on a modern size hanger, so all the hangers are smooshed diagonally so the door can close.

  15. luxury houses
    We just took out the fire place in our existing area area, which was type of the prevent between it and the lounge and I am nurturing the more start layout. I also wish to some day get rid of this big walls in our cooking area and develop an isle, to start our house up even more!


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