Star Struck: Mary McDonald

Last week I was fortunate enough to be Cristin's date to the San Francisco Design Center to meet a very special someone.  Did you watch last season of Million Dollar Decorators?? Cristin and I both did and loved every second. You may remember who my favorite designer on the show was from this post I wrote.  If you didn't catch it, my fave is Mary McDonald!  She's an absolutely wonderful designer with so much personality, pattern, texture, and drama in each space.  When Cristin told me she was doing a book signing at the SF Design Center, I was thrilled! 

I was over the moon excited to meet Mary, and also to finally get my own copy of her book- which is amazing!

If you haven't grabbed a copy of Mary McDonald Interiors, you have to get one soon! The way Mary lays out each style and compiles her portfolio under each topic is so helpful to many different types of people. Whether you're looking for direction, eye candy, or inspiration, this is the book for you!

Thanks, Mary, for spending time and chatting with us! You're fab (:
Happy Weekend, friends!!


  1. Most importantly, you finally got the structured blazer. Adore. I'm so proud of you M <3

  2. I laughed at the above comment because I was just about to comment on how chic you look! I love your patterned dress with your blazer and curls. (I would love to know how you got those).

    Thank you for the designing inspiration. I'm nowhere near as talented as you or Mary McDonald but a girl can dream! :)

  3. Yes, you look fantastic. Thanks for sharing Mary's book with us.

  4. How fun! I've actually only seen one episode of Million Dollar Decorators, but I recognized Mary McDonald right away from the show! You look stunning Michaela, can't wait to see you on your own decorating show one day...I'm pretty sure it will happen, and I promise to watch WAY more than one episode. :) Xo, Katie

  5. HOLY POOPSTICKS! I can't even believe you got to meet the fabulous Mary McDonald...she is so freakin' fantastic...that would've been like one of the highlights of my life...right up there with birthing my children (c: I desperately need to pick up her book!!!

  6. You look so cute! Her book really does look amazing. Probably some good ideas that you can use to design my future house. : )

  7. oh, i have to pick that up!! how awesome you got to meet her!

    and your outfit is darling!! xo

  8. these design looks great! :)

    ps: i guess ikea is the only furniture catalogue i have ever held in my arm. oups.

  9. I almost bought this book one day!! How exciting for you to meet her! ;)

  10. So fun going w you!

    How are you settling in?


  11. Michaela how awesome!!! I am also an interior design student although I am getting a little later start than you. I went to the local community college to get some prereq's out of the way and am waiting to hear about my admission acceptance on October 3rd. Where are you attending? I think Mary McDonald is amazing and was completely glued to every episode of million dollar decorators. Good luck in school. I also write a blog. Check it out

  12. HOW EXCITING!!! I love when you get to meet such fabulous new people!!!

    I'm your newest follwer! I started blogging on Sunday and it's been amazing meeting people!

  13. how cool you got to meet her! that's awesome! and i love your outfit! so pretty!

  14. How exciting! Her work is so inspirational!


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