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On another note, my first day of classes start tomorrow and I'm trying to get my room all together before 8am tomorrow morning!  I'm currently typing on my laptop, sittin' pretty on my new vintage desk I found at a farmer's market today.  Smitten.

Tomorrow I'll be showing little snippets of my new house, but here's one for today:

Happy Sunday! And I'll be catching up on blogging today. Last week was crazy with moving...sorry!



  1. Good luck with school tomorrow and can't wait to see the new house :)

  2. Good luck with school tomorrow! That picture of you above is toooo cute :)

  3. That's awesome about starting school. Good luck! I can't believe I've been out already for two and a half years. Can't wait to see pics! Too fun fixing up a new place. I'm thoroughly in my element right now fixing up mine. have fun!

  4. What farmers market did you find your desk at? I've been looking for new places to look for furniture in the area.

    Good luck with school! I hope tomorrow goes well.

  5. Hi there! I hope you are enjoying your weekend! i look forward to seeing pics of your new place! xoxo, Desiree

  6. Hooray for the first day of school!! Okay, not really, but I was trying to make it exciting. Haha! Skype tomorrow night?!

  7. Hope your classes are going amazing for you, lovey! xo


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