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Happy middle of the your week, friends! Today I have an adorable blogging buddy here! Meet Carissa of Carissa Explains It All. Rissy is beautiful, spunky and down right hilarious! She's the mastermind behind her fun link up, I Confess.  Check it out and be ready to giggle (: She's one of those girls I just know I'd be good friends with in real life. Without further introduction, here's my sweet friend Rissy!

Well hi there! If you were expecting Michaela, I'd like to offer a HUGE apology. I do believe she is getting ready to take her fabulously sweet self to Louisiana...
To those of you who hung around after that first sentence, HI! : )
I'm Carissa, aka Rissy

I blog over at Carissa Explains It All.
But today, I am here to participate in "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not"
I thought I'd be a little different so each of my loves is coupled with a reason I am not so much in love...
Ready anyway?
She Loves Me


If you have never been to a sheetz, I am sorry : (
There is one about 1 mile from my house that I frequent on a daily basis.
Let me break it down a little... dollar coffees, gas, blockbuster express, made to order sandwiches, drinks, pizza, etc. It just rocks!

2) Facebook
I've loved Facebook for a long long time. Recently, I've been loving it for being just one more way I can connect with my blog loves : )

3) Photobooth photos
If you read my blog, you already know I take ALL my pictures with photobooth. ALL. (even when I was in New Orleans-- took pictures with it...)

4) Pre-made Smores
I love making a smore around a camp fire as much as the next girl, but most of the time, I am hard up for a wood burning flame. So.... the pre-made smores I recently found at a candy store and SHEETZ are rocking my world. Yuuummmmm

5) Labor Day Weekend Sales
Jeans that hug my bum quite well for 40% off?! Precious sunglasses I will no doubt crush one day with my bum for $4? Yup, I am loving these sales.

6) This fantastic song, Good Girls by Cris Cab, and what it says!

She Loves Me Not

Umm hi everyone and their mother who seems to need a vacation pit stop. Seriously ya'll, my favorite little convenience store was over-run ALL weekend with... well... weekenders. Ok, ok I can share.

2) Facebook
T.M.I. statuses. Do you know what I mean? I plan to write a whole blog post about this on a day I am feeling particularly sassy ; )

3) Photobooth photos
I realize they limit me. I realize I am not getting photographic evidence of things that happen in most of my life. I will be getting an iphone and a real camera! wwoooo hooo!

4) Pre-made Smores
I think I've gained 5 lbs. Enough said.

5) Labor Day Weekend Sales
Yes, I am making the letters of the retail store I work in. Sale usually equals herds of not so friendly people in retail land. No bueno.

6) Not a bad thing to say about that jam!

Hopefully you all ran off to Sheetz after that first line so no one is even reading this ; ) But if you are still here, thanks so much for reading! And thank you so so much Michaela for having me!

Thanks for playing along, girl! Loved hearing a love and love-me-not about the same thing! Labor Day sales were FAB and I definitely took advantage of them at Pottery Barn...but MAN was is crazy on Monday in our store. Lord have mercy!

Run over and say hello to Rissy (: She always makes me smile!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Ha! She had me laughing the whole time!! We don't have Sheetz, but QT (Quick Trip) is similar.

  2. thanks for letting me take over your blog today! Totally forgot you work at Pottery Barn! solidarity sister lol

  3. Rissy - I LOVE Sheetz! Sheetz nachos are my fave. and their iced lattes are pretty good too. :)

  4. hahaha "for those of you still reading"

    sheetz sounds like wawa in PA. not that we have either in Atlanta but when i DID go to wawa one time, it was magical. so much fun ordering a SANDWICH in a GAS STATION. it was great.

    maybe i should start one in atl. yes now thats a million dollar idea :)

  5. AGREE about Facebook! I don't need to know someone's sad life story over a status update!

  6. Hey Carissa! I work in retail too. We had quite a few 'interesting' customers on Labor Day too... but we didn't have a big sale. It was the most weird day we'd had in a while.

    I have to say... I like facebook for connecting with people who you've lost touch with.... but I think there's more cons than pros anymore. I just wrote a post yesterday about how my husband deleted his fb account. ;)

  7. Very clever!! Love her loves and her not-so-much's! She is just SOOO funny! :)

  8. Shes adorable! Love me some smores too! :)

  9. totally cracking me up the whole time....LOL

  10. facebook is DEFF the way to stay connected with mah blog peeps! :-) screw highschool and college people to stalk! haha

    rissy you could never gain 5 pounds you skinny balink

    i wish i went to sheetz on my ohio trip. SO DISAPPOINTED! i need to see what the huff and puff is about!!


  11. Awwww, this is so cute! I love how Rissy did it!! Two of my faves!

  12. Oooh, I love - and dearly miss - Sheetz!!!! Especially the coffee. YUM!

  13. two of my favorite bloggers in one post! love, as much as i love ryan reynolds....or dessert. homegirl is hilarious!

    i am SO excited for you and your trip to LA - ya'll are going to have so much fun! can't wait to see all the pics! :)


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