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As you're reading this, I'm probably almost to Seattle and getting ready to unload my things in my new house!  So happy it's Wednesday again, as I get to share another one of my favorite bloggers with you.

Meet Drew of Coral Cafe! She's spunky, adorable, and quite chic. Drew has a serious eye for anything and everything design.  We also share our love for all things modern-vintage!  I hope I'll get to meet this sweet girl in real life one day (: Let's hear what she's lovin' and what she's not...

Hello lovely followers of Michaela! I was so excited when my sweet blogger friend asked me to participate in this series!! It's such a fun way to get to know bloggers a little more beyond the usual.

Loving is the easy part! So here goes:

She Loves Me:

Traveling: I absolutely adore traveling and visiting places I've never stepped foot on before!
It broadens your perspective on life and makes for a quite enjoyable journey.
If I could take a trip at least twice a month, my life would be exceptional. 
It doesn't necessarily have to be the most glamorous place, just somewhere
 I can breathe fresh air, take in different scenery and talk with someone 
that has a different take on life in an unfamiliar place.

Making Lists: I am an avid list taker. I love jotting down my to do's and checking off accomplished tasks. It's like a reward to get the list completely done!
(Checking them off on pretty paper is a nice perk!) 

Coconut Frappucino's: I LOVE Starbuck's Coconut Frappucino's!! They are extremely fresh, sweet and delicious!! The toasted coconut on top is such a pleasant surprise! If I'm honest, I can pretty much indulge in anything coconut! The taste, the scent...anything!

NYC in 2 Days:  I am traveling to see my best friend who recently moved to NYC. I'm leaving in 2 days and am ecstatic!! Blair and I have shared in traveling adventures around the US for almost 18 years! Now that she finally lives in her dream city, I can visit and enjoy the hustle and bustle of this spectacular place during the greatest of months! It gives me a chance to take in the wondrous sights and twinkling lights, as well as be inspired for design work I'm in the middle of. 
Plus, the art galleries are pretty amazing in NYC!

Gyros: I lived in Pittsburgh, PA a couple years ago and was introduced to the famous gyro! It is so mouth watering delicious! The tzatziki sauce that comes on it is pretty yummy too! (It's like a cucumber ranch, if you've never tried it before) In Pittsburgh they use lamb to make a gyro, but you can easily substitute it for chicken, which is just as delicious!

Zara: I was thrilled to hear that Zara finally opened up their online shop!! I've tried for some time to purchase from the site, but it was pretty much a tease!! The layout of the sight came across as an online shopping site, but for the longest time was just a place to "look" and not "touch" or "buy." Now it is finally available and I'm super excited! I fell in love with the store when I lived in Florida and now I can search through the lovely site with ease knowing that if I run across something I just have to have, I can head to the checkout button ;)

She Loves Me Not:

Far Away from Dana: I recently traveled to Oklahoma to move my sister and her husband. I love the fact that her husband has a great job there and they can be near his family. But selfishly, I want her back with me. We are extremely close and I love just laying around laughing and having heart-to-hearts with my sis! Good thing Christmas is right around the corner and she's coming back to visit me! 

Laundry: I detest laundry! Plain and simple. My laundry will overflow x10 until I finally cave and do the dirty chore! By no means can I afford to keep buying clothes because mine are all dirty, but it's sometimes the awful case when I'm too lazy to do laundry. Something about it is just so overwhelming to me. I can separate the clothes before they go through the wash pretty easily but can't stand touching the wet clothes when they're done. Ick!! And folding, I'm just too lazy to make it happen. I am a firm believer in paying someone to do it for me ;)  Pretty sad, I know. I don't have the funds to make this happen, either, but boy it would be great!

Allergies: I don't know anyone that welcomes them. I used to never have allergies until these last 2 years. Now I'm having a huge dose of them. 
Along with allergies, I HATE having to use those disgusting nose drops that 
drain down the back of my throat! But, hey, I could have it I'll suck it up and spray!

Thanks again for having me Michaela! and letting me rant and rave towards the end. ;)

Thanks, girl! 

Be sure to stop by Coral Cafe for lots of eye candy.  And if you're in the market for a new blog design, Drew has you covered (: She's amazing!

To stay updated on my trip to Seattle, follow me on Twitter (:


  1. Gyros are amazeballs delish. My hubby is from Pittsburgh and introduced me to them. I recommend them to everyone. You can get them at any Greek restaurant and most diners.

  2. omg i think we are the same people. i love traveling, gyros, lists and more! great post!

  3. I pretty much agree on all fronts! Have a fantastic trip to the city!!

  4. Thanks again so much for letting me be a part of this series Michaela! and thank you for your sweet, sweet words! Can't wait to meet you one day soon! Have a faaantastic time on your road trip back to Seattle! ;)

  5. Wow!! How alike could we be?? Love this!

  6. Good luck on your trip to Seattle! I visited there in July and loved it.

    I'm a huge fan of Zara and was thrilled that they now have on-line shopping.
    Eat your heart out Pippa Middleton!

  7. Awesome post Drew! have so much fun in NYC...I love it there too. ahh its amazing. I let our laundry stack up so high it's unreal..I absolutely hate folding it and actually everything about it. LOL


  8. i LOVED this post! drew is so cute. anddd i will agree with her on the travel, lists and GYROS! i just had one the other night. xoxo jillian:: don't miss my ayofemi jewelry giveaway

  9. seriously, maybe my favorite little bloggies series. ever

  10. i want to go to ny too! and now i'm craving a gyro on top of it hah :) hope she has fun on her trip!

  11. Love Drew's likes and dislikes! Never tried a coconut frap...maybe in my future?

  12. Found your blog thru drew (LOVE her post today!) and I can't wait to follow along! Adorable blog!!!

  13. Love the post Drew! Traveling is the best and laundry stinks! Ha.

  14. Drew, I feel like we are the same person! Love traveling, making lists and coconut frappucinos! I also hate being away from my sister and def dislike laundry lol! Really cute post! Michaela, you have such a fun blog!! xoxo

  15. Love you both! Tia, you're precious, I miss you too, SO much!!!

  16. Have a blast in NYC... My favorite city in all of the lands.

  17. Right now I am on my knees and begging you to take me to NYC with you, pretty please?? (c: Just joshin' (kinda), but I am nodding my head in agreement with the whole list...especially the allergies...those blasted things *kill* me every year! Grrrr!

  18. I, too, am an avid list maker! Couldn't live life without them!
    And gyros? Yes please!! That looks fabulous!

  19. Cuteeeee post! I am in love with some frappucinos right now, as you know well. : )

  20. girl, we are 100% twins! besides the being away from my sister part, since i don't have one. but literally everything on your "love" & "love me not" lists are on my! & coconut fraps are my ultimate fav! :] & gyros -- i had one last night for dinner! :]

    love this series!!!!

  21. So cute Drew! Love traveling (though now with a toddler is not "that" fun) ;)


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