Bloom Website Launch + Discount on Graphic Design!

As you know, the Bloom Workshops have become a huge part of our businesses over the past year, and will be an even bigger aspect in the coming year! If you follow me on social media, you know I've been blowing up your feeds with the announcement that ticket sales are open for the workshops! We haven't really given our new Bloom website the attention it deserves yet, though. So I'm here to do just that today. Lauren, of Elle & Company, worked tirelessly to help us rebrand our workshop, create 3 separate logos (but keep them unified) and design a whole new website for us. The result is nothing short of amazing, so we wanted to show you the design process today:

1. It all started with Ashley and I telling Lauren what color palette we wanted. We really wanted to stay away from the trendy coral, peach, mint, and gold palette, because although we love those hues, we want our brand to stand the test of time. Lauren then got back to us with our inspiration board. We went with a silvery/steel gray/blue, coral, blush, and darker gray. I absolutely love it!

2. The next step was Lauren designing our logo, and from there, creating a brand board -- which is a compilation of our logo, the fonts/text we will use, colors, our social media and other icons, website patterns, etc. When this board popped into our inbox, we squealed! It was EVERYTHING to us. We wanted to be unique, straying from what most brands look like right now, and I think Lauren did just that for us.

Our 3 logos for each different workshop, explained here, are cohesive yet a touch different. I love how the floral pattern in each "b" is in a shade of our color palette!

3. Next up, Lauren went to work on building our website. Here is our Home Page, with some of Ashley's gorgeous film photos from our Atlanta styled shoot.

Our favorite page is the sweet "Meet the Girls" page. We had so much fun taking some new promo pictures for our site, and I think that shows on this page :)

We love the simple, feminine, fresh, and fun feel the site has. It's exactly what we want our brand to "feel" like. At our workshops, we make it a point to be authentic, genuine and down-to-earth, so it's important our website feels the same. To see more, check out the website!!

ALSO-- hire Lauren. Yep, plain a simple ;) It was such a JOY to work with her. She is graciously offering all of our readers a 15% discount on her Brand + Website Design package. Just mention this blog post in your inquiry to her. 

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Let us know what you think of our new site and brand, then head over to Elle & Company to learn more about Lauren's design process.

Have a lovely day!


  1. I LOVE the website its warm, welcoming & inviting. You feel comfortable and at home with both your blog & website! Everything is so feminine and pretty it screams your style! Congrats on the new brand & website! You should be excited! I know I would be!

  2. The way you shared the new website's design process seems simple enough, but I doubt that it really was. Building a website is really hard, and settling for the final design can build tension between founders because one might want one thing while the other wants something else. At any rate, I'm glad that you and your partners settled that matter accordingly, Michaela. The website looks amazing, by the way! You all did a great job. Kudos and more power to you! :)

    Rita Gibson @ YEAH! Local

    1. Hi Rita-- My business partner, Ashley, and I pretty much agree on everything, so this was a super simple process! Lauren, our website designer, helped it go seamlessly and kept showing us things we loved. We are so thankful it was a easy and fun process.


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