My Christmas Wish List

DETAILS | Pink Sweater / Hunter Boots  / Warm Gloves / Scarf / Smooth Infusion / Dry Remedy Hair Oil / Lip Gloss / 2015 Planner / Concealer / PJs / Lip Salve

I rounded up so many cute products, clothing items, gifts, apparel, decor and more, but I haven't yet shown you what is on MY Christmas wish list. Well, here it is! I already received these Hunter Boots as an early present from my boyfriend's mom. I've worn them many times and they are fantastic! My mom and dad's tradition for my brother and I, is they always get us Pajamas to open on Christmas Eve. I asked for these cute ones this year (or something similar!)  My boyfriend and I already exchanged gifts, and he got me my 2015 planner.  I had the same one last year and loved it so much, I couldn't switch over. I'm an Aveda snob and love all their products. I use Aveda shampoo, conditioner and styling products. The above products are my favorite ones that I'm out of, so I asked for them for Christmas. They are the best and smell oh-so-yummy! Finally, I'm also asking for this sweet blush pink sweater. I tried it in the store and it's SO SOFT!

What's on YOUR Christmas list?



  1. I use Aveda Dry Remedy too- don't you love it? :) I got those jammies on Black Friday.. they are LIFE CHANGING for cold nights. You'll love them! XO

  2. These are great! I have the mini Kate Spade planner for my blog planner and I'm already loving it. And ever since you talked about them, I've been eyeing the matte hunter rain boots. I'll have to send them Santa's way!


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