Our 2014 White, Gold & Silver Christmas Tree

I'm home in California to spend the next few weeks with my family and I couldn't be happier. I love being home for the holidays! Once the tree is up, it starts feeling real. So the Christmas tree went up yesterday and we love it!

There's just something about a flocked tree that I totally love. I know those of you who live in a state with snow must find this the weirdest thing ever, but we adore it. (I told some friends in Michigan we were flocking our tree, and they didn't even know what "flocking" meant! Ha!) Here in California, we don't get snow, so it's fun to have a light dusting on our tree :) Bonus! It also helps keep the branches on the tree, instead of sweeping dead needles every day. 

This year, we decided to put a pretty, subtle gold ribbon around the tree. We went with light and dark blue ball ornaments, silver and gold glittered ornaments, a few ornaments with touches of red to give the tree some "pop" and lots of old, sentimental ornaments. I love how it turned out!

This one is a favorite :)

One of my old ornaments from when I was younger and taking ballet class!

The reflection of the tree in our dining room mirrors is beautiful!

Santa has been busy, so packages are starting to make their way under the tree.

Have you decorated your tree yet?! Leave a link to it in the comments for me to see!

Happy Thursday!



  1. So pretty! I have actually never heard of flocking either! I love how it looks though. We normally have plenty of snow in Utah by now, but none yet this year! We have the same 2013 snowflake ornament from our first Christmas married :)

  2. Beautiful tree! Love the flocking and the ribbon!

  3. So festive! I hadn't heard of the term, but now I'll be able to impress my friends when we see a flocked tree - Ha! No tree of my own this year, but I did round up some really fun tree inspiration pics on my blog :) http://www.thebigandbright.com/2014/12/christmas-tree-inspiration.html

  4. that tree is gorgeous! We got a mini flocked tree for the first time this year, they are so fun! I might be hooked.
    Have fun being home again :)

  5. So lovely!! We've had a fake tree all but once my whole life and I have to admit I like how easy they are! Ours comes in 3 parts, all pre-lit, so all we have to do is hang the ornaments & plug it in. I don't know anyone that flocks their tree here, but a lot do do real trees. Hope you're having a wonderful time in California!! xo

  6. what a beautiful tree! i have never flocked a tree but a lot of people did it in hawaii where i grew up!
    ladies in navy

  7. This is absolutely beautiful! I've never heard of flocking before- how does it work?

    This Side of Paradise

  8. That's a lovely Christmas tree! I love its simplicity and the color scheme.


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