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I'd be lying if I told you I was a big reader; however, I LOVE having books-- especially big design books. They make the best decorating and styling props. I have so many design books and they are great for not only styling my bookcases, but also for inspiration. Sometimes I'll get them out and flip through the pages to spark my creativity. I also love cookbooks, because I'm not much of a cook, but I can definitely follow a recipe! My favorite books of all are devotional books. I love to start my morning by digging into the Bible or my latest devotional. A few of my favorites from the above list:

One Thousand Gifts: My all time favorite book that I've now read about 3 times. I've written about this precious book before, a few years ago when I was still in college. Voskamp talk very rawly about how life brings us trials of all sorts, but because of God's great love and grace, we can find joy still. We can find joy in the midst of problems, hard times, and rough days. This book challenged me to make life not about myself, but rather, about God who has given us every good gift. Nothing I do or don't do makes God love me more or less. I'm so thankful for the reminder of thanksgiving through Voskamp's words. Read Ann Voskamp's blog here. It's so great!

Love the One You're With: I'm reading this novel by Emily Giffin right now and it's sweet, easy to read and fun! I love a good chick flick read.

The Flower Recipe Book:  Such a GORGEOUS book. Is it bad that I picked this out in the store because of it's pretty cover?! ;) Not only that, but it's also been super helpful to me in my flower arranging hobby.

The Five Love Languages: McCann and I both read this when I moved here back in May. We both learned so much about how we give and receive love. Funny enough, we usually give love in the way we want to receive love ourselves, causing the person we are trying to show affection to, to become very frustrated and feel unloved. Once you discover what your S.O's love language is, you can show love in that way. We both continually work on this, as the book doesn't just magically make everything perfect. Relationships take work sometimes, but we think it's fun work :)

Shabby Chic: This was one of my very first design books, so naturally it's a favorite. I love Rachel Ashwell and everything her design aesthetic is about. I also loved that one day I got to meet her in her store in Los Angeles...completely by coincidence! :)

Here are a few other books I love and/or have on my own wish list:

These would all make great gifts for your sister, mom, friend, cousin...whoever!
Any others I should add to my reading list/wish list?!

Come back later today to see my Christmas decor in my apartment!



  1. Oooh eyeing the maps book and food fashion love! - fun list! XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. Great choices! Someday you will have to see Rachel Ashwell's Texas retreat called The Prairie. Check out the website if you haven't yet. It would be a great location for a Bloom workshop :)

  3. I love the interior design books, I already have a stack of them but they are a constant source of inspiration for me so worth it!


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