Day to Night Hair Tutorial: Half Up Twist + Casual Bun

Doing my hair and coming up with new styles has always been fun for me. When you have tons of hair like me (and I mean TONS) you have to get creative. I called in one of my friends and talented hairstylists, Hailey, to help me out and show all of us some easy styles. Katie came over and photographed it for us (she is amazing, too!) The first one is a day-to-night look. I know I'm late to the sock bun trend, but just in case some of you are also just joining in, here is a super easy, step-by-step tutorial for you.  I have never been shown how to do it before...but it's so easy and cute! 

I want to go over my hair care routine and favorite products quickly before we dive in:

- Shampoo: I love Aveda products, as you will be able to tell from the rest of this list ;) I use Smooth Infusion mostly, but sometimes switch to PureOlogy, which I also love.

- Conditioner: Smooth Infusion is my go-to, once again!

- After my hair has dried in my towel for a few minutes, I take it out and immediately spray Damage Control on to it. It acts as a detangler, heat protection, and sun damage. It's awesome.

- This brush is my all-time-favorite! Will hair as thick as can be, I need a good brush that doesn't rip through my hair and give me damaged ends. This one is perfection. Trust me :)

- Before I blow dry my hair and after I have brushed it out, I put 1 pump of style prep smooth infusion in my hands and run throughout my hair. This helps cut down on the frizz, and gives it a smooth finish.

- After I blow dry my hair, I pour about 4 drops of this Dry Remedy oil in my hand and smooth it over the ends of my hair. It smells amazing and protects again heat, keeping my ends nice and pretty.

- I always finish with my favorite hairspray.

Let's do the "Day" look first! 

You'll need: Redken Push Powder (the stuff that gives your hair volume!), curling iron, hairspray, bobby pins, comb, rubber band.

Step 1: Begin with loose curls for texture. Lift roots and pour a little bit of the push powder on the scalp. Rub it around with your fingertips. You will literally feel the volume, because your hair will start feeling thick and almost as if you've backcombed or "teased" it.

Step 2: Start combing the top part of your hair straight back, with no part. Then take the side sections back. Give it a little volume by rubbing the Push Powder around to tease it more. You want to grab hair from just above the ears and pull that whole section back.

Step 3: Twist the hair together and push up a bit to give it volume. Pin the bobby pins in a criss-cross form so they stay in place.

Now for the "Night" look: 

Step 1: Leave your twisted half updo in place. This is the base of your sock bun!

Step 2: Cut the end of a sock off. I used a longer sock and it seemed to be perfect. Then roll the sock inside itself to create a donut shaped circle with the sock.

Step 3: Tie your hair in a high ponytail. 

Step 4: Put the donut sock around the end of your ponytail. Begin to roll the sock down the ponytail, and while you do this, continue twisting the ponytail hair around the sock to ensure it's covered. Once you reach your head and there's nowhere left to roll, stop! Pin some loose hairs into place to help secure everything.

Step 5: Lastly, just pull some pieces down by your ears to give it the casual look. Hairspray and you're done!

Photography: Katie Grace Photography / Hair: Hailey Hollstein of Genesis Salon / Sweater: Anthropologie (but mine is sold out)

Tell me, have you tried a sock bun? I think I only like them if they're on the small side like mine is, and looks effortless. I don't love when they are way too tight and precise. What about you?!

Have a lovely day!


  1. I love a good sock bun :) And I'd agree that I like them a bit looser, rather than tight & precise. They're great for second or third day hair when it just won't cooperate with anything else haha

  2. Love both styles! To bad with short hair I can't do that sock bun!

    Thanks for sharing, going to try the first style soon!


  3. So pretty! I can't wait to try these!

  4. You look so gorgeous with your hair up in a sock bun!



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