Our Date Jar + 15 Fun Date Ideas For You

Do you ever get in a creative dates rut?! I might be able to help!

I've had some emails over the last few months from people asking about my dating life, how it has been going since moving across the country to live near my boyfriend, what types of dates we go on, etc. I love these questions so much! Today I'm showing you the Date Jar that McCann and I just made last week, as a way to have fun and surprise each other with dates.

We call it the Date Jar, because well, it's a jar and it's full of creative date ideas thought of by the two of us. The catch? I don't know the ideas McCann wrote down and he doesn't know the ideas I wrote down. We can't wait to draw a piece of paper from the jar and read to find out what we'll be doing that week for our date!

I just cut up some kraft paper and we filled out the cards after dinner the other night. McCann even went as far as to build a blockade with a box of crackers between the two of us, so I wouldn't cheat and read what he was writing. Ha! I'm so interested to see his ideas now!!  

What a ham...

I'm not exactly sure what McCann wrote on his cards and I can't tell you what I wrote on mine specifically, or he will see them and our dates won't be a surprise! BUT, here are some general ideas for you...

15 Fun Date Ideas:
- Go to breakfast at a new or old favorite spot.
- Spend the afternoon at a new coffee shop and order new drinks
- Take a road trip for the day to a new city (or one of your favorites)
- In the winter, go ice skating (okay, this was one that I wrote on one of my date cards!)
- Go to a fun restaurant in a down town area near you and order something you wouldn't normally get
- Go Bowling
- Learn a two-person card game and play it at home or in a cool coffee shop
- Volunteer together
- Go to a pottery place and paint something together (then the shop fires it and you get to keep it in your house!)
- Make your own wine tasting night by buying a few wine bottles and trying a few sips of each (like a make-your-flight-of-wine!)
- Go to the park to have a picnic and play on the kid equipment. (We did this last fall and it was SO fun!)
- Take a hike to a new view
- Make a bonfire and cook up some smores! (Or do it over the stove top!)
- In the fall, go to an apple orchard, pick out pumpkins together and stuff your face we donuts. Yum!
- Find some fun questions online and ask them to each other over coffee or wine. This is a fun way to get to know each other more and have the chance to be silly!

I'll have to let you know how the first week of our date jar goes this week. I can't wait to see what we pick out of there!

So, tell me, what are a few of the most creative and fun dates you've been on?! Maybe I'll add them to our Date Jar :)

Happy Monday!


  1. I love the volunteer together date! Such cute ideas!

  2. Going to a comedy club (toughie because you have to wait for the right person to be there, we prefer clean humor, but OH so fun), and an improv show (not our favorite but fun to do something different) are two new things we've tried. We also have paddle boarding, zip lining, and a boat dinner cruise on our list. And another new one we thought of: we both really enjoy the show shark tank so we want to go to a whole foods for a date and try out all the shark tank food products they have. :)
    Date nights are the best even in marriage :)

  3. Love these ideas. The dating stage is so much fun and you are really making the most of it. I might steal some ideas for next time we can get a babysitter... :)

  4. The date jar is such a good idea! I might try it out with my husband! And I love the ideas you suggested! Can't wait to see what your first date from the date jar ends up being :)

  5. This is so cute - we also have a date night jar (but often tricky with two littlies to plan for too!) We can't do a lot of those ideas in South Africa but love them all x

  6. So fun. :) I have been wanting to make one of these. :) I love this! We have started taking trips which is my favorite. But we've also recently started going to an art museum, not something he did without me, but we have a really fun time and he's grown to like it more. Sometimes we grab starbucks and take laps around target just to see what's new. Super casual but fun. We go to thrift stores and search for treasures. One year for his birthday I took him to the arcade and that was surprisingly fun. I had no idea but we had a blast. :) We decided to occasionally go back for a date night on 1/2 price night. :) We also like to pair a DVD with takeout or whatever based on what type of movie it is. You could also cook to make it fit. Example: watch a french movie (or one that takes place in France) and have quiche or other french food for dinner. Any location / cuisine could work. Or just simple things like watching frozen and making a blue sangria. :) Going to the animal shelter and volunteering with the animals would be fun. Playing with dogs and cats. Baking cookies together. We love to play board games. So many options. XO -Alexandra

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