Fashion: Flannel Button Up

DETAILS | Flannel Shirt (on sale! I'm wearing an XS, because J.Crew runs big!) / Jeans (my favorite brand of jeans ever) / Hunter Boots (mine are navy matte) / Boot Inserts / Necklace (major sale!!!)

I'm loving the heck out of my new Hunter Boots. And for those of you who saw my Facebook post a few weeks ago, the blue matte is what I chose and I LOVE them! They work with jeans and leggings. 

Also, I finally got the hint after about 3 shopping trips with my boyfriend that he really loves flannel shirts and wanted me to buy one. He kept asking me, "How about this one? You would look cute in that I think!" And I kept thinking, eh it's not really my style. But after a few times of him asking me about it, I decided why not?! I tried one on in the J.Crew Factory the other day and it's actually comfy-cute, which I could use more of. Of course, I wouldn't wear it without a little statement sparkle to girl it up a little more :) What do you think?

Do you like flannel shirts? What do you pair them with?!

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Happy Thursday!


  1. You look adorable as you always do. Love the necklace with the flannel shirt. Wow. You have expensive taste. Love the jeans but there way out of my price range.

    1. Hi Carol! Thanks!

      I only have two pairs of blue jeans, and this is my nice pair. I've had them for 2 years and planning on keeping them in good condition for at least 5 more years!! All of my "nice" jeans last for YEARS! I believe in spending money on jeans and having less pairs of them, just because they last forever if they're a good quality :)

  2. I've been wanting to splurge on some Hunter boots for a couple years now, maybe one day I'll actually pull the trigger! But I think you look super cute in flannel! I love the coloring of this top!


  3. I LOVE flannel shirts! My husband loves them too :) I think they're super cute and comfy. My favorites are from JCrew Factory also. Yours looks great paired with a sparkly necklace! They can also be cute with a high waisted a-line skirt.

  4. Love that outfit! Plaid looks great on you! It's funny because I wore my plaid shirt today as well! Its comfy cute and I love plaid ANYTHING!
    Love the navy hunter boots you chose! Perfect in the matte!

    Lauren Baxter
    LB Designs

  5. I'm drooling over your boots and the inserts. We are currently in Las Vegas (so 0 need for rain boots) but I told my husband as soon as we move back to Texas, I'm ordering Hunter boots. And flannel is always fun to dress up! I like it with a lace cami underneath for a touch of girly.

    And I'm with you on the jeans. I have just a couple that are great quality, albeit pricey, but they last so much longer!!

  6. You are adorable. And I miss you! Looking forward to a taco lunch date soon my friend xoxo

  7. Love this top!! You rock it. xox

  8. Yayyyyy, so cute! You were a pacific northwest girl for a while, after all :)


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