8 Stylish Storage Solutions


If you read my post on how to maintain a clean and organized home you love from last week, then you'll know that storage bins and baskets are your friend when you are trying to declutter. These storage solutions conceal items, giving everything a place. I have a few baskets in my house: this one for my entry where I throw all my snow gear when I walk in, one told hold my yoga mat and weights, and another for my hamper. I always give clients baskets for shelves, their entry console and other areas, just to be sure they are going to be able to stay organized and love their home for years to come.

Above are 8 stylish storage solutions (in all price ranges!) I absolutely love the printed pattern #2 has. What a fun basket for a child's room or office space. For a more rustic and casual look, go with an inexpensive crate to hide the clutter. 

What do you use to keep your home put together?!

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  1. I love using baskets as decorative storage! They can add so much to a space :) I use these World Market ones (http://ow.ly/I5i9H) in my bedroom to store sweaters, etc. Anna (www.annaeleeinteriordesign.com)

  2. I agree stylish storage is so important! I got natural woven bins from Serena and Lily for my nursery and they are SO awesome for storing burp cloths, swaddles, diapers, and toys! and they look chic! totally worth the investment in my opinion :)


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