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It was so fun to read all you comments about home organization and routines in yesterday's blog post! Thanks for chiming in :)

If you are on Instagram, you might be wondering what the little tag means. Well, friends, it's a simple little tool that allows you to shop my style (and other bloggers' styles) straight from your email inbox. Here's how you sign up...

1. Sign up for right here.
2. Like an Instagram photo of mine with the link.
3. You get the product sent straight to your email.
4. Shop your heart out.

So easy! If you were signed up and liked any of these photos on my account, you'd be sent all the details in a matter of seconds.


Hopefully that helps cut the confusion and is a great tool for you to use on not only my Instagram, but also lots of others! I love using it to find new products I see in blogger's homes or wardrobes.

Happy Thursday!



  1. I love the like to know it app! It makes everything so much easier!


  2. This is a great little tool :)

    Thanks for sharing!



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