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Over the course of wedding planning, I spent a lot of time looking at bridesmaid styles. Their dresses, color palette, styles, hair, jewelry, bouquets. Everything ;) When it comes to bride and bridesmaid jewelry, I think my favorite look is when it's kept simple and sweet. Just enough, but not too much. That's always my jewelry rule of thumb!

If you do a bit larger earring, maybe forgo the necklace. If your neckline is high like below, do a bracelet and earring instead. If you have a sweetheart neckline, throw on a bit of a statement necklace and keep the other accessories smaller (see above!) I'm telling my girls to bring some simple pieces to wear. And if you're looking for a great bridesmaid gift, maybe gift them a piece of jewelry they can wear on your big day!

I will be wearing no necklace (hmm...wonder what that means about my dress?! :)) a dangly pair of earrings and a bracelet. There may or may not be a pretty piece in my hair, too! Okay, can't give it away entirely!

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Here are some of my favorite pieces for brides and bridesmaids to wear on wedding days. And guess what?! They're all on sale!


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What's your favorite bridesmaid style?


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  1. I work in a bridal shop and we constantly have to remind brides and bridesmaids that having a bracelet with any kind of bling and a lace dress can wreck many snags and the bracelet gets caught in the lace so often. Same goes for thin cuffs. Just something to consider when you are picking out your bracelet.


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