Things To Do This Summer

Did everyone have a fun 4th of July? I sure hope so! We spent one day at the beach and one at the pool this last weekend, which meant lots and lots of sunshine for us. It seems like summer just began, but we're already in the first full week of July! It's flying by. I have had a bunch of fun summer activities / bucket list items floating around in my head, so I thought I'd write them out today incase anyone needs some inspiration!

Things To Do This Summer:

- Go to a drive-in movie
- Make a camp fire and eat smores
- Have friends over for a movie / pool night
- Watch the sunset at the beach
- Drive to a look out point to watch the stars
- Get up early to watch the sunrise
- Grill steaks (yum!)
- Try out a new cocktail recipe
- Make homemade popcicles
- Organize the garage (not fun, but necessary!)
- Go on a bike ride
- Work out 3 x's a week
- Go somewhere new and beautiful (maybe something outdoors!)
- Play mini golf
- Go to a fun restaurant and eat outside on the patio
- Go in the lake (sounds easy, but it's cold!) 
- Go on a hike
- Take a trip to the zoo
- Boating or jet skiing (my favorite thing ever!)

What's on your list?!

Want the cocktail recipe from above? It's a tasty summer favorite! 


Cherry lime powder mix
Cherry garnish

1. Start by mixing up your cherry drink lime mix, following the directions on the packet.
2. Combine 1.5 cups of drink mix with 1 shot of vodka and ice in a shaker. Shake well until cold.

3. Pour the drink into your glass on the rocks and top it off with a slice of lime on the outer rim of the glass. A cherry in your drink is the perfect finishing touch. Sip & enjoy!

Happy Wednesday!


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