Little Things that Make a Big Difference In Your Home & Life

The other day when I was curling my eyelashes I thought, "wow! what a huge difference this makes, for being such a little thing!" That got my wheels turning about all the other seemingly "little" things we use that actually make a big difference. I started brainstorming what all those things were for me in my house and life, so here they are. I'm dying to know a few of your little favorite things in the comments!

Shoe Drop- If you want to signal guests to take their shoes off, get a basket or metal shoe tray to put at the front door. Put a few pairs in there and people will understand that this is a no-shoe house! Even if you don't mind if people wear their shoes, I liked having a metal tray for shoes this winter to control the water from snow going everywhere. This is the one we have from Target.
Baskets- Sitting at my dining table typing this I see 4 storage baskets in sight right now. They control clutter and gives things a place. We have a basket for our scarves and hats by the door, a toy basket for Lincoln's toys, a basket for my husband's records and a basket in the closet that holds a bunch of odds and ends. 
Different Vases- You never know what type of vase you'll need, so I suggest having about 3 on hand that will work for any variety of flowers. A couple budvases, a big clear jug for greens or branches, and a vase that has a larger opening to fit any type of flower (love the texture on this one!) A pitcher is another great type of vessel I use often for flowers.

Trays- These babies do more than just look nice. They will also help in controlling clutter! Give your husband a tray on the coffee table where his remote controls "live". Have a tray for mail in the office, a pretty delicate-looking tray on your dresser for jewelry, and maybe another one on the counter in the bathroom. 

Candle or Diffuser- I think we can all agree that a lovely scent makes a huge difference just about anywhere! I love my soy candles but also love running my diffuser with White Fir, Citrus, and Grapefruit (and Thieves if I'm sick). It smells just like an Anthropologie candle!
via one of my favorite candle companies-- Ellery Mae Candle Co.!

Toilet Paper Holder- What I mean by this is a holder in view in the bathroom that houses extra toilet paper. I would never want guests to be stranded! We have a wire rack that always has a few extra rolls.
Jar of Q-Tips & Cotton Balls- I keep these in a cute old candle jar, right on the counter so that we don't have to dig or reach for them when we need them.
Herb Scissors- I cannot tell you how much I love these! We got them at one of my bridal showers and I never knew I needed them so much.

Tidbit Plates- Another thing I got for my shower that I actually registered for. I have 12 and use them daily. Sometimes twice! They make the perfect size plate for my morning english muffin and is a great spoon rest when cookies. They're also the perfect appetizer plate for when guests come over!

Flour Sack Dish Towels- this is the only dish towel I will use to dry dishes or wipe the counter. It's the only kind that actually absorbs liquid!!
Yummy Smelling Dish Soap- I'm addicted to Mrs. Meyer cleaning products! Bonus? They're safer than most products out there and only rank a 4 or under on the EWG Healthy Living App. My favorite scents are Basil and Peony.


Plants- I always have my clients go to a local nursery or even Trader Joe's to get a few plants for shelves and accent tables. They make a huge difference in bringing LIFE and color to the room! If you fear killing them, I actually quite like the faux plants from Crate & Barrel.

Books- This might seem like a "DUH" thing to add here, but a lot of people fill their shelves with stuff and no books! Books add texture and height and make sense on a bookshelf ;) so don't forget them! I make sure to stack them all different ways and use different sizes when I'm designing.

Eye Cream- A good eye cream will lessen your fine lines AND help your makeup go on smoother. Something I didn't realize until switching to Beautycounter makeup was that the old brand I was using (Dermologica) actually made my eyes a little puffy in the morning. I thought that was normal, but turns out it's not because they are no longer puffy with my Nourishing Eye Cream from Beautycounter! If you're looking for an anti-aging eye cream, then the Rejuvinating cream would be great. 
Eyelash Curler- I just started doing this a few months after a lot of my friends were getting eyelash extentions and I am scared to try them / don't want to spend money on them. I love the extra curl this gives my lashes + it's gold ;) I'm not sure why it gets a 3 star review. I love it!!


Comfy Booties- Booties are something you can throw on in basically all seasons, which is why they are my most-worn type of shoe. I'm sure you all know my favorite bootie by now! See it here.
No-Show Socks- For those aforementioned booties, no-shows are a great thing to have handy! I like these.
A Good Bra- Yep, I said it! This one hidden thing can make or break an outfit. I absolutely love Third Love and will probably never go back to Victoria's Secret because I found them! The T-shirt bra is amazing!

A Small Lotion- I can't even count the number of times someone has asked if I have lotion. Well, I sure do because I'm a lotion addict ;)
Business Card Holder- I often find myself telling people about my businesses (both my design business and Bloom!) so I have a lot of business cards floating around. A handy card holder has been really great for keeping me organized.

Okay, let me know what your little must-haves are!!


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  1. I like this list! I'm sure you could make a series out of it, I bet. There are so many things...

    One thing that I carry in my purse is a small tape measure (but I just lost it - wah!). I have needed it so often for seeing if a storage bin will work in my closet, or a frame is just the right size, or even just to measure my kids' waist size. Not everything is labeled with dimensions.

    Another thing that I use is a lingerie bag when I wash socks. Each family member puts their socks in their own bag before throwing into the washer. No confusing which sock belongs to whom, no losing random socks, and for baby socks (or small no-shows) - it's a lifesaver... The little socks always get lost the easiest!


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