The One With the Matching Gingham Outfits

When we moved into our apartment 2 years ago, the leasing office told us what the pet fee would be per month if we ever did decide to get a dog. We quickly responded, "Well THAT'S not happening!" Fast forward a year and I wanted a dog so bad ;) Everyone in the apartment complex had one and I'd see the owners walking their dogs all the time, so I got puppy fever! Then I convinced myself and my husband that I needed a buddy at home, since I work from home. After serendipitously meeting our breeder at a parade in town and visiting the puppies, we fell in love with Lincoln anddd now we're the proud owners of the pet fee the leasing manager told us about when we moved in (and the cutest puppy ever, of course!)
All that to say, you never think you're going to be THAT dog mom, but then you are. Thoughts I have had before getting a dog:
- Our puppy won't bark
- Our puppy won't be allowed on the furniture
- I will never dress him in dog clothes (let alone matching ensembles) 
Well, it's safe to say all those "rules" have been broken! Ha! We are working on the barking one. He's basically our son (I even took him to doggy daycare this week when I was gone all day teaching a workshop). So when one of my favorite companies, Rent the Runway, told me they had matching outfits for pups and owners, I was like "YEP". And my husband literally did the palm-to-face emoji. Since Lincoln is a boy, we had to get him something a little more gingham it was! Aside from L's raincoat, this is his first item of clothing. He looked so cute, but he really didn't want to move a muscle in this thing.
Matching won't be the norm for us, but it was sort of fun!

Anyone need a furry friend ringbearer?! He cleans up nice ;)

But in all seriousness, I absolutely LOVED this gingham top and jacket I rented. I wore it 5 days in a row, so definitely got my use out of it! It's a t-shirt material up top with a silky gingham trim. It's feminine and flirty, but not too over the top. Of course I wore my favorite (waterproof) booties ever with the outfit.

The necklace was so fun, too! Give me all the tassels!

Lincoln: "Is this real life? Ma, are we done yet?"
Me: "STAY! Do you wanna TREAT? STAY, STAY!"

Nailed it:

Just before he sneezed while trying to get a "detail shot" ;) More than anything, these pictures make me crack up. He has so much personality usually, but put the dog in an outfit and he's stiff as a board!
If you're a crazy fur mama like me, you might want to sign the petition to get Rent the Runway to start adding dog clothes to their lineup! 
But more than anything, if you haven't tried RTR yet, you should! I have rented many dresses for special occasions like my bridal shower, bachelorette party, engagement photos, and other wedding-related events. I have loved every single one! This month I'm trying out the Unlimited package, thanks to my sweet friends at RTR, which means I can rent as many items as I want in the month (up to 4 at a time). So I'm going to be taking a few sundresses with me to Hawaii on vacay in a couple weeks. It's a fun way to wear new items without paying the hefty price tag of actually buying it! I think the only way it'd make sense for me to do this Unlimited package is when I have a vacation or a couple events in one month. It'd be so worth it!!
Have you ever tried Rent the Runway? 
Have a great day!
Michaela & Lincoln 
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  1. We have put a couple of dog sports jerseys on our pup (labradoodle) and his face immediately gets sad. But he looks so cute!!

  2. Oh my! He looks so dapper! And I love your top, too - and the pink tassel necklace paired with it. :)

  3. I love it! Dog's fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in canine clothing and accessories.


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