Spring Break Inspo: Swimwear

The countdown is on for our Hawaii trip! Just about 3 weeks until we leave for California to meet up with my parents, before taking off for Kauai. My parents sent me videos of some hikes we're going to do while there, and let's just say I need to continue my gym workouts if I'm going to survive. I asked if we're going to have any relaxing days by the pool and I was assured that, yes, we will! So then I started searching for swimsuits. I have a couple I will take but am thinking about getting one more before the trip. I love my two Target suits, which are just plain black and pink bottoms (the bottoms with seams down the middle of the bootie always look best on me for some reason!) and bandeau tops. I like those best for tanning purposes, too.

I'm completely in love with the top left suit, but I'm not sure the size will fit me and it's a little pricey. I'm thinking about it!! Here are a bunch of my favorite suits. Putting this together has me so excited for the beach and WARMTH! 

If you've found any cute floral one shoulder suits, let me know!! That's what I'm really keeping an eye out for. Enjoy your Monday!
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