16 Winter Date Ideas

Winter is coming. Literally. It snowed last weekend, so I'm bracing myself. I even got my snow tires put on at the sign of the first snow! Admittedly, this isn't my favorite time of year, but we try to do some fun things throughout the colder months (especially during the holidays!) to get through it. I rounded up some of my favorite date ideas made for dinner and the holidays!

1. Go ice skating!
2. Pick out your tree together (we always get a Starbucks before doing this!)
3. Find a local coffee shop and go together to sip a warm drink & play a card game. Or better yet, use this time to ask each other intentional questions about life!
4. See a holiday movie and the theatre.
5. And/or make a bucket list of holiday movies you want to watch on the couch together.
6. Bowling! This is our favorite winter date night. (Yes, he always smokes me, but I don't care :))
7. Have your friends over for a potluck.
8. Throw a My Favorite Things party. I'll be doing this for the second year in a row this year (during the holidays) and it's SO much fun!! You can make this into a couple's date night easily.
9. Take a cooking class together.
10. Go to a concert or comedy show. We just went to Keith Urban a couple weeks ago and he was amazing! I'm SO glad we did it.
11. Give each other a $10 limit and pick something out for each other in Target. Get creative :)
12. Try a new recipe together.
13. Do a progressive dinner date by eating apps and drinks at one restaurant, going to dinner somewhere else, then making dessert together at home.
14. Have an olympic game night. With friends or just as a couple! Last year we got the idea from the gals at The DIY Playbook when the olympics were going on. We played jenga, curling with ice cubes on the floor (hilarious!), and made up a bunch more games.
15. Make a Date Jar full of all these ideas, but add a surprise element to it by folding up the ideas in the jar and on date night, pulling one out to do!
16. Try Datebox! This is a super fun subscription box that comes once a month full of the makings of a super fun date night at home. We just did this last month and it was great! It's so fun to see what comes in the box. 
To show you a little more about Datebox, I took some pictures of our box. Each month is a different theme and our box was Casino themed. The branding reminded me of The Great Gatsby. So fun and festive! The box came with everything we needed to play Craps, Blackjack and make a yummy mocktail! The little booklet it came with held the rules for the games and had fun questions to ask each other at the end of the date.

If you want to have a fun night in, give this a whirl! We loved it and will do it again. Datebox was so kind to send my readers a discount code! Just use code MICHAELA50 for 50% off your first box and $20 off of 3 and 6 month subscriptions! 

And friends, here's the best part. When you buy a box with my code, you're automatically entered to win TWO FREE AIRLINE tickets to anywhere in the US. This giveaway ends 11/18, so grab your box asap!
Check out my instagram stories today where I'll show you an inside look at our date-night-in :)
Tell me your favorite winter date nights in the comments! We love new ideas.
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  1. Such fun ideas! After 8 years of marriage and 2 kiddos, I'm always interested in different ways to shake things up and enjoy each other! :) I love the Favorite Things party idea - I may need to try that this year! That Date Box looks like so much fun, too.

    1. Yes!! It was so fun! And the my favorite things Party was my favorite event I did last year. I think turning it into a couples thing would be a great idea!


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