Stocking Stuffers for the Ladies & Gents

This gift guide is my favorite every year!! Stocking stuffers are so fun and my mom always nails our stockings. Often our favorite gifts were tucked away in there! Usually this is where we'd get experiences, like sporting events, concerts, or when I was younger, my dad would get us tickets to the ballet for our dad & daughter dates. So special!! My mom usually tucks in undies, something beauty-esque (polish, scrub, hair clips, etc.), a book and a couple other trinkets. 

Ladies first!

one: my favorite Lemongrass Body Scrub and Body Butter. The smell is so fresh and the scrub gets your hands and feet so soft! On sale until Wednesday!
 two: I always get socks in my stockings and for good reason-- I love being cozy! These are so soft.
 three: if you're not using a foundation brush to do your foundation, you should be! These fit perfectly in a stocking.
four: I love these soft hair more ouch!
 five: 3 different, yet equally amazing mini face oils. On sale now!
 six: Growing in Gratitude-- I got this book in my stocking last year and it was so, so good. Highly recommend!
 seven: Recipe cards for the one who loves to cook and bake.
 eight: I think this velvet clutch just might fit in a stocking and you could fill the clutch with some fun littler items! It comes in a bunch of colors.
 nine: love this portable wine mug...and monogram it for a special touch!
ten: tortoise shell hair clips, practical and cute!
 eleven: I tried these North Face mittens on last week at the mall and they were amazing...promptly added to my Christmas list ;) I think mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves. The inside is all fuzzy polar fleece.
 twelve: monogram purse pouch. So sweet and vintage!
 thirteen: my friend recommended this hydrating mask the other goes on this deep green color. So fun! It's made in Kauai, one of my family's favorite places on earth, and it's all safe!

Filling my husband's stocking is so fun for me! (Not sure if he feels the same about putting mine together...ha!!) I always do Christmas boxers, his favorite candy, a bag of coffee beans, maybe a pair of gloves, a hat or something wintery that he needs, and a couple other fun things. This year he's getting a new silicone wedding band because his recently broke and he likes to wear that kind the most...go figure! ;)

one: we've wanted this Ring doorbell camera for a while. I think it'd be great in a stocking! Under $100.
 two: some tech savy driving gloves.
 three: Air Pods are at the top of my husband's wishlist! They'll make such a difference in experience for someone who likes to work out a lot. 
four: beautiful and functional wood and marble coasters.
 five: this Charcoal Cleansing Bar is great for ladies and gents (it's for your face), but I think it's a perfect stocking stuffer for the guys. It will last upwards of 8 months!
 six: if you have a hubby with a beard, this beard oil is awesome!
 seven: we got the Meater+ for my dad this year! He loves to grill meat and this thermometer connects to your phone so it keeps you posted on how the meat is doing and when it'll be done to perfection!
 eight: my dad swears by these Tiles-- you connect them to your keys or a suitcase, or whatever you don't want to lose ;), and then you can find it through wifi. If you lose your keys then you can use the app on your phone to make the tile sound so you can find it. If you lose your suitcase in travel, then you'd use the app to locate it's location. It's so cool!
 nine: like I said, I always get McCann Christmas boxers in his stocking. I love these and for under $10...yes!
ten: this is a great gift for the ski lover. It is padded, so it protects your skiis while they travel!
 eleven: a handy little speaker so your guy can blast his music wherever he goes ;)

Is there an item you ALWAYS get in your stocking or put in someone else's?! I want to hear!

Happy Stocking Stuffing, friends!

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