O Christmas Tree 2019

Oh, friends! I'm so excited to be here sharing our Christmas tree this year! We went to a sweet tree farm on Black Friday to get it and my husband picked it in about 4 minutes of being there. I had some anxiety on the way home that we didn't even look at other trees much, but once it got put in place I really loved it! It's the perfect size (ironically, it's smaller than our apartment trees because we don't have the best place for it here).

Here she is!

Lincoln looking thrilled that a tree from outside is now inside ;)

I ordered some matte navy ball ornaments to tie in the blue from around our house and I love them! I only got 12, I wish I got more! Maybe I'll add to the collection next year. 

While I didn't win the flocking debate (my husband didn't grow up knowing what a flocked tree was so he didn't want one) I did stuff some flocked branches into our tree to give it a bit more of a "full look". If I had it my way, our whole tree would be flocked ;) Maybe next year...

I draped white wooden beads as garland around the tree and I think it's really cute! Usually I do ribbon, but I like switching things up from year to year.

I got this pretty garland from Hearth & Hand via Target and I love it! It has some blue berries in it to tie in with the blue colors we have throughout the house. I wrapped some twinkle lights (battery operated) around it and filled in some holes with real greenery and viola! 

I'm a sucker for white roses! I just add some holiday greens this time a year and it's so festive.

There you have it!

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Have you put your tree up yet?

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Your tree is so beautiful! Love how you compromised by adding some flocked branches. Great idea -- I might have to try that with our tree next year!

    1. Thank you!! I thought it was a nice compromise ;)

  2. beautiful tree and I see nobody is forgotten !!I like your little dog!!


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