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First of all, thanks for all your kind comments on yesterday's post!
Well, Martin Luther King Junior Day turned into a week long vacay, and as it started out all fun and games, I have to say I was a little bored toward the end of the week! There's not much you can do in Seattle when the snow hits-- the whole city basically shuts down and driving is out of the question due to all our hilly areas! However, I did do a lot of relaxing which was nice. I also documented my Snow Week via Instagram { michaelanoelle } just for your viewing pleasure...and to keep me entertained :)

1. My backyard the first morning I woke up to snow.
2. Ready to go play in the snow! 
3. Down town area covered in white.
 1. What happens when I'm stuck inside for 48 hours? I scrounge around for craft stuff. I made this by framing cute umbrella paper and writing lyrics from a song on the glass with white board markers.
2. More snow!
 1. Toasted PB&J for lunch...have to get creative :)
2. Best and most addictive snack ever. I'm happy to report all the fishy's are in my belly as of now.
3. This is a BIG one: I walked a mile in slushy-ice-snow while it was pouring rain just to get to Starbucks. The way back was entirely uphill....worth it? YES.
1. Spent a lot of time looking at my desk area and realized how much I adore my business cards.
2. Last shot of me playing in the snow!

That's a wrap. I'll be good if I don't see snow for another year ;)  Back on Monday with how I entertained myself over the Snow Week.

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Happy Weekend!!
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  1. Looks like you're having a nice weekend. Got to have the Starbucks! We've got snow here in NY too. I think I need a Starbucks run!

  2. We were all going a little stir crazy too by weeks end. This morning everything is slushy and icy so I won't be driving. We live on the Eastside and we got over a foot of snow.

  3. A good snow week is always appreciated!! I loved looking at your pictures this week!

  4. You are just so gosh darn adorable! Love your photos and glad you're making the best of it and seems like you're enjoying the snow :) I want some snow...it's going to be 80 here in FL. I'm not ready for summer yet :(

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  5. Hi Ms. Michaela! I love the pics especially the one about "grace falling down like rain" and was wondering if it'd be okay with you if I repin it on my tumblr account and post it as a cover photo in FB? Thanks a lot!

  6. @Tinker Belle- yes, that'd be just fine :)

  7. You look so cute getting ready for the snow! :) I love that idea to write with white board markers on the frame! I am so doing this!! :) Thanks!

  8. Love the song lyrics - and I LOVE that you walked a mile for coffee haha. It doesn't snow here in New Zealand so when I was studying abroad in Sweden I was so immobilized by the snow - everyone else could walk on ice except me! I stayed in my apartment and ate cereal and chocolate which was all I had ;) Looks like you're enjoying it tho - Have fun!!

  9. So nice that you got a short week though! I'm obsessed with that frame and I'm dying to see some snow.

  10. Sigh.. sounds like a good week! I can understand the boredom of being stuck inside though... I spent the week interviewing in CA, traveling back, and then stuck in bed with the worst cold I've had in years. I'm bored out of my mind! :) I agree... goldfish are the best. I'm like a little kid sometimes: I love cheerios and goldfish and fruit snacks. :) hehe!

  11. So pretty! We had a whole snow week last year too, but we've barely even had cold temps this year! You could not look cuter in a hat!

  12. So jealous of all the snow!

    New follower, btw. Love your blog!

  13. See, I love the snow and am so disappointed by how little we've gotten this year. I need a big storm! You would think that wouldn't be a problem in Canada.

  14. It looks like you made the best of the situation!


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