She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Courtney Lane

It's Wednesday! And it's such a special day because our guest blogger is one of my real life friends {yes, I have lots of those!} from our design department at school! Meet my friend Courtney of Courtney Lane Blog

I've so enjoyed meeting Courtney and getting to know her this year in our design classes.  We definitely share a true passion for what we do. I just love her sense of style. She's sweet and so funny, too! Go check out her brand new blog, where she shares great little shops, awesome design ideas, projects from our design classes and more! Today Courtney is here sharing her loves and love-me-nots.  Take it away :)

Hi guys! I'm Courtney Lane. 
I'm an interior design student in Seattle, as well as a brand new blogger! I have loved getting to know Michaela personally this year in our design classes so I am psyched to be here at her blog sharing a few things I love, and a few things I do not love. So here it goes!

She Loves Me

1. Bella Figura's letterpress invitations

I discovered this company the other day and could not handle how many amazing invitations were on their website. I probably clogged everyone's Pinterest feeds with how many of these pups I was pinning. But I'm sure they didn't mind...they're fun to look at!

2. Clay dishes (Rae Dunn Clay)

I learned about Rae Dunn a few years ago when I saw her products at my all-time favorite store in Portland--Peggy Sundays. I love how much charm and personality is in each handmade & imperfect piece.

Emily Henderson
3. Velvet

I don't know if it's the fact that I love to be warm, that I'm obsessed with everything soft, or that winter is here...but I have fallen head over heels for velvet lately.

4. Clawfoot tubs

I've never met a clawfoot tub that I don't like. This cheery yellow one is no exception. Not to mention that adorable ruffly Anthropologie shower curtain!

She Loves Me Not

1. First and foremost...sloths.

Does anyone else think sloths are as terrifying as I do!?! of my top 5 biggest fears. It pained me to even google the word 'sloth' to find this picture. My friends try to be funny and send me sloth videos on Facebook. I know some people think they're precious. Apparently the person in this photo does if they're embracing him like that. But I'm sorry...sloths and I will just never be friends!

2. Close talkers

I've had a few encounters with close talkers, so I died laughing at this cartoon that shows how to deal with them:

3. Being cold

I rent an old brick house with 5 other girls in Seattle. I love living there. But my upstairs bedroom is SO cold. The 2 girls that live in the basement could probably wear tank tops and shorts to bed, while my roommate and I are wearing something more along the lines of...oh I don't know, THIS?

Ha ha...ha.

Thanks SO much for having me Michaela! 

See isn't she great?! Courtney and I share our hatred for the cold...which is ironic considering it's freezing here everyday! I'm in love with that velvet chair above...swoon! Thank you for being here, girl!

Now go stop by Courtney's blog to say hello and catch up on her latest posts. She's a funny one and you won't regret visiting. Ready. Set. Go.

What are you loving today?
Happy Wednesday!


  1. i love that pottery! and i am so with you on the close talkers..... ugh.... SPACE please!

  2. What fun picks! Totally agree with everything...Bella Figura is amazing, and sloths are so ugly!

  3. So fun! I feel the same way about close talkers, I take a step back, and they just step forward! It's especially awkward when they're taller...makes me feel like I'm watching a movie in the front row of the theater. Love your loves too! :) XO, Katie

  4. Loving her loves! Velvet is such a luxurious fabric for winter! Love!

  5. Those Rae Dunn clay dishes are so cute and that blue, velvet chair is gorgeous!

  6. I love this series. I agree with her- sloths are terrifying!!!



  7. Oooo... Those dishes are fabulous! I love velvet too for certain things. But I have to disagree about the sloths! I kind of think they're cute! :) I'm off to California! Have a good week michaela!

  8. I am such a velvet fan too! I love the feel of it. And close talkers - ugh! Even worse when you don't know them!

  9. Fun series Michaela! I love all of Courtney's loves, especially the Rae Dunn dishes.

  10. ohmygosh...I can't even believe she has a "Christmas Story" picture in there...we are now kindred spirits (c: LOVE that show (not being cold) and I couldn't agree more on the velvet and clawfoot tubs...I can't get enough!

  11. Haha, I loved this! So sweet. I love sloths though, I dunno why, I think they're awfully adorable! But really, close talkers are THE WORST! But the picture of the clawfoot tub is beautiful!

  12. Awww, she is so cute!! She literally made me laugh out loud!

  13. So funny! Those invitations and that velvet chair are fabulous!


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