{Online Shopping} A Very Dangerous Thing

Happy Monday, all! I've learned that being snowed in can become a very dangerous thing. Besides the whole you-might-run-out-of-food thing, you can really get sucked into none other than: Online Shopping!
So what did I find this past snow week when I spent way too many hours online? Here you go!

A cute little sweater dress...

Hot pink pants? Yes, please.

Dress perfection...

J. Crew:
Coral blouse...
Adorable flats... 

West Elm:
Valentine's Day Bowls...

Fun new lighting...


Ikat Rug... 

And then guess what?!
I didn't purchase a single thing. My wallet started singing praises. {My mom probably did, too}
But great finds, right?! Okay, I'll be honest...I went to Nordstrom on Saturday which was amazingggg, and did purchase a cozy red striped sweater. This purchase was completely justifiable, though, because I had a gift card.  That's like not even really buying something., right?

That's what I thought :)  Back tomorrow with a fun little DIY!
Have a great day!

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  1. Online shopping is so dangerous! My goal this month is to avoid even looking then I don't know what I am missing out on! I do have that Jcrew blouse in blue and love it! Happy Monday Sweets!

  2. OH my goodness Michaela! You have to DM me and tell me where that gorgeous dress is from! With the peach, purple, black and white :) What a beauty! Love you xo

  3. I am very good friends with Online Shopping and we are going to have to break up for a little while! Great finds though! I especially love those pink pants and the rug! Have a great Monday!

  4. OH MY WORd! I want one of those cute little heart bowls so badly! My birthday is the day before Valentine's so I always got gifts with hearts and always had heart themed parties. All the Valentine's day stuff always makes me nostalgic, and I just think it's downright fun! :) Well, I managed to get over a nasty cold enough to post a few pics of my California trip. Have a happy Monday and enjoy all that snow ;) hehe.

  5. haha that's exactly why every time a customer hands me a gift card I think "dang it! I wish someone would give me a nordstrom gift card"

    I've seen that last Nordstrom dress in real life and thought about purchasing it myself : ) You showed some great restraint girl!


  6. WOW I am very impressed with your self-control!! Those Valentines bowls and the ikat rug are oh so adorable.



  7. I think I definitely need those valentine's bowls! How cute!!! xo

  8. Proud of you. . .way to hold back. Congrats on the new sponsor. I just LOVE the new West Elm lighting. Might need to see that pop up somewhere! Happy Monday.

  9. Whoa self control! Those are all fabulous choices!

  10. Loving the hot pink pants and Anthro bowls! You have better control than I do! ;)

  11. Those flats should be in my closet.

  12. Ooh! Such pretty things! I know I online browse a lot more than actually buying things.

  13. Love them all! I need some hot pink pants. And maybe that light fixture as well.

  14. Good job exercising your self-control! All of these things are adorable - especially that J Crew blouse and those valentine's bowls. I probably would have caved ;)


  15. I have this habit of putting things in my cart online and then never actually buying them. Its so much fun to pretend like I am going to though;)
    Those pink pants are so much fun!

  16. Those flats are adorable! So fun to pretend shop!:)

  17. So dangerous.Just to darn easy to do.

  18. I love the West Elm bowls! How pretty! Your blog is so great! Now following! :]

  19. Seriously!! It's so addicting and so fun! :) LOVE that coral top from jcrew...I may to do a little online shopping tonight for that one ;)

  20. you are a better woman than i am to not buy ANYTHING! love that pink top and pants (i'm going through a pink phase)! can't wait to see that sweater!

  21. so dangerous right! i love those hot pink pants and those flats! happy monday!

  22. I LOVE that striped dress!! You found some gorgeous items.

  23. Good for you, Michaela! Not easy to do. I usually put things in my cat online and then think about it a day or so and if I start obsessing about it, then I really want or need it. Otherwise, I don't buy it. It is so easy to shop online! You found great things. I might need to treat myself to one of those sweet heart bowls. Hope your week is off to a great start!

  24. Love your online finds! Especially the curtains & rug...& those little heart bowls! So cute!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! :)


  25. i love that dress!! and those valentine bowls are too darn cute! good for you for having self control! haha... it's not easy with so many great things, just a click away! haha

  26. I don't know what I love more the bowls or those hot pink pants!

  27. oh online shopping...too easy for me to go click, click, click and into my virtual basket:-) Thankfully, I'm a big believer in sales and coupon codes and discounts! xoxo

  28. I never buy anything online shopping...I just can't decide!! I love the hot pink pants.


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