She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Yummy Mummy Kitchen

Wednesday is here again! Today I'm introducing you to my lovely friend Marina who blogs over at Yummy Mummy
Marina is stunningly beautiful, kind & encouraging, takes beautiful photos, and on top of all of that...she's an amazing cook! She shares yummy recipes, complete with mouth-watering pictures on her blog. Pure deliciousness! Take it away, friend!

Hello! I'm Marina, foodie blogger over at I am so excited to be here getting to know you all today. Thank you, Michaela, for inviting me to share on your beautiful blog! 
Here's what I'm loving, and not loving right now.

She Loves Me:
1. My girls
And hubby of course too! But that was a no-brainer, right? My munchkins are 4 and 22 months old and so much fun. I'm blessed to be a stay-at-home mommy with these two. 

2. Pinterest
What did I ever do with Pinterest? It's amazing how much creative inspiration can be found here. Not only does it inspire my home decor, fashion choices, recipes, photography, and crafts, it's been a huge asset as a blogger. Are you obsessed with it too? You can find me here. Here's what I've been pinning for Valentine's Day. Which is your favorite?

3. Lululemon
 I love that I can look cute and be super comfortable in these clothes from the gym, to errands, to playdates. Running is just more fun in a cute running skirt.

4. Cooking with the farmer's market
 Fresh. Beautiful. Healthy. Delicious. I fell in love with farmers markets while spending time in Italy. I'm lucky we have amazing markets here in Santa Barbara. Is there a great market you like to visit?

5. backyard chickens 
 We have 4 chickens. They are sweet pets and lay beautiful fresh eggs every day. They bring a little bit of the country into suburbia. Yummy Hubby built them an awesome coop.

6.  sparkles
They were hot for the holidays, but I want the trend to continue. A little glitter makes everything better.
 Glitter, sequins, sparkly nail polish, sugared cranberries, sparkly marshmallow fairy wands. What girl doesn't love a little sparkle? Sparkling Cranberry Brie Bites would be perfect for Valentine's Day. Ooh La La!

7. deceptively simple healthy recipes

She Loves Me Loves Not:
1.  iPhone(s) breaking
A few weeks ago my littlest munchkin threw my new iphone 4 into the bathtub. End of iphone. After 2 months of ownership. Enter new iPhone. Can of beans falls out of cabinet onto phone, cracking screen. Apple has built a beautifully sleek phone, but I wish it were a bit more durable so I wouldn't have to be covered up by a bulky cover.

2. cleaning the floor
Cheerios smashed between couch cushions, crumbs on floor 5 minutes after mopping.

3. Bacon in everything
I get the salty/sweet delicious combo, but come on people, it's meat, not a spice. I'm ready for this 2011 trend to go bye bye.

What do you think of what I'm loving and not loving right now? Do you agree? Thanks for reading and please come say hi over at Thanks again for having me, Michaela!

Thank you, Marina! You know I love some sparkles, and Pinterest...oh yes! As part of my New Year's Goals, I'm going to try more new recipes. I will definitely be looking to Marina's Recipe Index page for delicious new meals. 

Don't forget to stop by Yummy Mummy! I promise you'll be drooling after reading a few posts. She knows how to capture your taste buds with her photos of the food :)

What are you loving this week?
Happy Wednesday!

PS. Go check out my guest post over at Simple Dwellings. I'm sharing what I hope my blog would look like if it were an actual room. What a genius series!


  1. cleaning floors is my LEAST favorite chore... UGH!
    and i love the farmer's market, want chickens, and don't eat bacon! i ordered a grilled chicken salad a couple weeks ago at a restaurant and was bummed that i didn't read thoroughly because it had bacon on it... it was not a bacon chicken salad people!

  2. I love this series, Michaela! And thanks for introducing me to a fabulous new blog! I am off to check out some yummy recipes! And thanks again for also being over at SD today! Happy to have you!

  3. Thanks so much for having me, Michaela! xo

  4. New follower, one of Marina's biggest fans. I love this post. And Marina if I looked like you I'd live in cute running skirts whether I was running or not. Thanks for letting us into your world.

  5. Love that she has chickens in her backyard! That is a dream! And her food/style is amazing! Great post today! :)

  6. I love bacon, but I agree it's in too much! I've seen chocolate chip and BACON cookie recipes! Too much!

  7. i love marina's blog and her fabulous self. totally with you on the bacon. can we print that on a t-shirt (IT'S STILL MEAT, PEOPLE.)??

    smiles & sparkles to both you lovely ladies.


  8. everything about her blog is just gorgeous isn't it? even the food. those sparkling cranberries still kill me.

  9. oo I heard about lululemon!!! if only it's a bit cheaper :(

  10. Awww, she is adorable!!! I love that they have chickens!!

  11. Love Marina and her beautiful of my very favorites.
    Great list...and happy to know I'm not the only one who can fish a bowl of Cheerios out from between the seat cushions!

  12. i'm one of yummy mommy's followers. she is one beautiful and talented lady!

  13. This post is easy to love. :) I found Marina a while back....AMAZING everything. Love her blog...and I have found she is all that you said. ;)


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