{Fashion} Mint, Pop of Pink + Waterfall Braid


all photos taken and edited by Victoria Carlson Photography. She's the best :)
Mint Jeans: Meadow Boutique {Seattle}
White Top: J. Crew
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Turquoise Bracelet: c/o Stella & Dot
Peachy Pink Link Bracelet:  c/o The Way We Are etsy shop

You've all seen these mint jeans before...they just can't seem to stay off the blog- such attention hogs! ;)

Ever since I was little I've loved braids. On one occasion around age 8, I came out of my room with pigtail french braids, to which my mom asked "WHO did those for you?!"
"I did, mama. I just taught myself on my Barbies then practiced on my own hair!"
My mom was very thankful I learned how to do my hair eventually, because I was extremely defiant and wouldn't let anyone touch, brush, or braid my hair. The day my baby brother was born, I arrived at the hospital with 3 pony tails. Clearly my mother was thrilled :)
Anyways, this particular braid is called the Waterfall Braid and if you know how to french braid, you can do it!
Step 1: Start a regular side braid on the side of your head.
Step 2: Only add in hair to the braid from the crown of your head (This is different from a french braid because you're only adding hair to one side of the braid, instead of both)
Step 3: When you "cross over" the third/bottom strand, leave half of the hair from the strand out of the braid. This is what creates the "waterfall" look.
Step 4: Continue this all the way around the crown of your head until you have no more hair to grab. I always try to make it go diagonally down the back and tie the braid to the right side of my head, as seen in the photos. 
Step 5: Hair spray and viola! 
Good luck!
One more thing! Leah from The Way We Are, who designs beautiful, fun, stylish and bright jewelry, is offering a 10% off code to my readers. I love the bright peachy pink bracelet she sent me last week. I've worn it every day and received many compliments :) Head over and get yourself one!
Discount Code: READERS

Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!

PS. The winner of the Jose Eber Giveaway is comment #124: Jacqueline of Rain Drops on Roses. Congrats!! SO happy for you. Will email you soon :) xoxo


  1. Love those jeans! I've been looking for a mint pair here, but no luck! I did find a fabulous bright green pair though and have been wearing them a lot haha Wish I was a bracelet person because those are so cute! Whenever I wear anything on my wrist, it ends up off my wrist within an hour haha

  2. Pictures and hair of gorgeousness. 5th pic down (your profile)...stunning. :)

  3. This outfit is so cute! You look great. :)


  4. Love the outfit and love the braceletes! I'm going to have to check out those shops!

  5. Oh I'm SO excited!!!! Thank you, Thank you Michaela!!!! :)

    You have encouraged me...I do the waterfall braid on others but am always doubtful I can do it on myself! I gotta try it now!

  6. Love your arm party girl!!! and love your hair, wish I know how to do that!

  7. Such a cute outfit! I love those pants, and your waterfall braid is perfect. Gotta start practicing that one again!

  8. Love your outfit! Kate and her sister are a whiz at braiding too. In fact, I showed my hair dresser a pic of Kate's hair from prom and he asked who did it? He figured she had a professional (and not him) do it. It was that good. She recently learned how to do the waterfall braid as well.

  9. Such beautiful hair. I wish I were better at braiding Riley's hair. Poor girl. And very cute jewelry. I need to check those out.

  10. You look so super cute! I posted my colored skinnies today, too! I love your mint ones.

  11. obsessed with that braid :) just pinned it- HA! i think that will take some seroius practice on my part to make it look as good as yours though. love love love it! XO

  12. In Connecticut, we've been getting a ton of rain. Wavy hair + rain = not ideal conditions for straightening. So... just as you have, I've taken to braiding my hair down one side and doing a messy bun/chignon type thing. The amount of comments I got were huge - just in two days! I think I'll try your waterfall tomorrow. :)

  13. I love your childhood stories and how you're still the same. It's amazing how our personalities at such a young age stay with us forever :)

  14. Just loving those mint skinnies!! You styled them so well too!! :)

  15. I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of mint skinnies this summer. They are just so fresh and clean looking! Love your hair too...I've tried the waterfall braid a couple of times, but have too many layers for it to look very good. Your hair is PERFECT for it though! So cute! Happy Tuesday!

  16. Oh my gosh your braid is awesome! I keep wanting to learn how to braid my hair (besides just the regular side braid) and it hasn't worked out for me so far!!


  17. Love everything about this outfit! The jeans are my favorite!

  18. gorgeous girl, so minty fresh! I practiced braiding hair on my barbies too, I also gave them haircuts...those poor poor dolls! xoxo

  19. Love this outfit, the colour of those pants is my fav :)

  20. You look lovely my friend! I love all of those bracelets. :) hugs to you today!

  21. I wish I could braid! I'm so jealous. Haha. Love you, friend!

    PS: I called you today as I was driving!!

  22. I love your braided hair! :) Your blog is awesome-just became a member/follower of your blog. I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch. Happy Blogging!!! 

    Elle xoxo


  23. I FINALLY picked up a pair of mint skinnies from target! Love 'em!

    And I've been obsessed with that bracelet since I saw it on instagram... think i might have to treat myself to one! ;)


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