This or That: Kitchen Design

This or That: Kitchen design

Kitchen one // Kitchen two

If you were handed a brand new home with a state of the art kitchen, which of the two would you choose from the above options?! I love elements of both, but my whimsical, eclectic nature says kitchen two is the winner. LOVING that huge chandelier. It's perfect for the room because it's large, but doesn't take up a ton of visual space.  In the first kitchen {the more modern of the two}, my favorite elements are those awesome pendant light fixtures, unexpected gray cabinetry and loads of storage.

Which one would you go for?!
Enjoy your day!
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  1. They're both lovely, but I'd have to pick the second one, I love the table and the vintage style, but I'd want the stove from the first kitchen and the grey cabinet, but painted white. I really can't wait to have my own home and actually decorate the way I want!

  2. I think I like the "that" kitchen! Fun, eclectic and with a touch of whimsy!!

  3. i have to go with kitchen 1- so classic!!!

  4. I think they're both really pretty but the first one has to be my favorite!

  5. I like elements from both designs because I really do like so many different styles, but honestly, I love MY kitchen. Heehee. We waited 11 years to re-do ours. (I know that makes me sound so old...I just got married really young. Ha!) I think of my kitchen as sophisticated and a little sexy. Can I say that? Lol. ;) Not for everyone, but we love it.

    You're in a great position, Michaela, as a design student/young designer already, design blogger, etc., with so much experience ALREADY, that you're going to be able to design an amazing kitchen for YOU some day. (You that pretty little house you posted last week.) :) Hopefully you won't have to wait 11 years. ;)

  6. I love the rustic feel of the second one, but if I could choose, I'd have kitchen number one! I love how bright and modern it is.

  7. Kitchen one for me! I love how crisp and clean it looks!

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  8. I love kitchen one! It's classic and simple! The grey cabinets = amazing!

  9. great post!



  10. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

  11. Such a tough call! I tend to go for chic white kitchens with a touch of old-fashioned elements, like Kitchen One... I loooooooove white cabinets, like either one has. I was so bummed when we got to pick out all the features of our new townhome that's being built and they didn't have a white cabinet option. RRRRRGH. I tried to make myself excited about dark wood by pinning a bunch. I think they'll be easier to keep clean, at least!


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