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Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm excited to introduce you to one of my sweet bloggy friends, Jill, from A Charmed Life
I first "met" Jill last year when the sweetest email popped into my inbox asking about my e-design services. She told me she wanted to paint her living room the color of my bedroom and needed a design plan to go with it. We became quick friends during the design process {and her living room turned out beautifully!!} If we lived in the same town, there's no doubt we would have lots of girls nights. Jill is sweet and stylish and so down-to-earth. Let's hear what she's loving and not loving!

Hello lovely ladies! I'm Jill and I blog over at A Charmed Life
I am so excited to be here at Michaela's blog today. I started reading Michaela's sweet, thoughtful, design blog before I ever contemplated starting a blog of my own; so being here today for She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not is a little like coming full circle. So thank you sweet Michaela! I am honored & excited to be joining in on the fun today :) 

Without further adieu, here is what I am loving and not so much loving, these days:

She Loves Me
1. Summery Cocktails.
With summer rapidly approaching, I can't get enough of cool, refreshing cocktails. Whether is be these festive cherry beer margaritas, or a cold glass of sangria- nothing tastes better to me in the warm summer months. And why not drink it from a mason glass to add even an extra bit of fun while you're at it?! :)

2. All things Nautical. 
I am an East Coast gal, and this spring I am totally loving and embracing the nautical trend. Whether it be anchors or a little navy & white combination, I adore every bit of this look.

3. Morning Workouts.  
For me, there is no better way to wake up & feel great then to get my heart rate up with a workout. It's so tough to get my bum out of bed, but once I do- I feel healthier and happier for the rest of the day.

4. The color WHITE.  
Whether it be elegant white kitchen cabinets, a modern white Parsons desk, or a delicate pair of white lace shorts- I am loving the sleek, clean look of anything white

5. Fresh flowers. 
Nothing makes me happier than a bright, cheerful bouquet of fresh flowers. It warms up any space and makes any house feel a little more like home. I personally prefer pretty, pink peonies :)

She Loves Me Not
1. Angry Drivers. 
Commuting to and from work is painful enough, so what is with all the road rage? Lay off the honking people. You are accomplishing nothing but obnoxiousness. 

2. Ripped Denim. 
I realize this may be 'trendy', but I prefer a much cleaner, more polished look. Always. 

3. Negativity. 
Forgive me, because I know: this is so cliche. But for real- being a negative nancy is one seriously unattractive quality. Yes, there are plenty of reasons in life for us to complain, be down on ourselves, or mope around- but there are MORE reasons to smile, think positively and be grateful for what we have. 

Thank you again Michaela for having me over on the blog today and thank you, sweet readers, for reading along!  Now be sure to pop on over and say hello :) 

Thanks, Jill!  I'm also adoring the nautical look...stripes, blues and yellows are my favorite.  And angry drivers?? -- no thanks!
Be sure to say go say hi to Jill at A Charmed Life today! 

What are YOU loving this Wednesday??
Next Wednesday is our monthly She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not link up party, so write your post and be ready to link up on 5/23.

PS. If you haven't read it yet, take a peek at the new Sweet Lemon Magazine issue that went live yesterday! There's lots of eye candy in there for you, including 3 DIY projects by yours truly on page 98! So honored to be apart of this sweet online mag :)


  1. Love all things nautical! And fresh flowers of course! :)

  2. Most all of these things would be on my list too :-) Happy Wednesday to you!

  3. I really like this girl :) And am loving everything on her list!

  4. Oh and congrats on your features, lovey dovey xo

  5. Woohoo for being featured in the Sweet Lemon Magazine! That's so awesome!

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  7. oh my goodness... I've always loved the nautical theme too.. and white of course! It's the PERFECT color~! (shade, whatever ;). And negativity.. definitely not good, I agree!


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