A Note to Mom

Happy Mother's Day to the most special woman in my life! I couldn't ask for a better mom. I'm so beyond thankful for a mom who loves and cares for us, supports us and our dreams, models how to follow Christ, and taught me how to have a sweet tooth :)  I thank God for you, mom, every day. Thank you for encouraging me down the path of joy, coming to my rescue, laughing with me, and not getting too mad at me when I bark all day long and don't want you to do anything but pay attention to me {oops, that last part is from Hope!} 

We love you, Mom!
all your favorite kiddos & fur babies
PS. Happy Mother's day to all the sweet mom's out there who inspire me to be half as wonderful as you are :)


  1. haha, i was like, "bark?...why is she barking...?"

    your mom is the cutest!

  2. So sweet:) Happy Mother's Day to your Mama!

  3. Wow you and your mom look so much alike! Beautiful!

  4. Your Mom is very pretty!

    Very sweet post.

    Enjoy your day.

  5. I hope your mom had a Happy Mother's Day Michaela! What a sweet post. You and your mom look a lot alike and both beautiful women.

  6. Love you and your sweet mommy!! Nurses are the best! : )

  7. This is the sweetest! How lucky to have such a sweet, loving and encouraging momma! I can see why you are so wonderful :) hope you had a great Mother's day!


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