She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Love Stitched

Today I'm excited to introduce you to my friend Brittany, of Love Stitched, for my weekly She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not series!
Brittany is fun and spunky, stylish, creative, and has the cutest etsy shop {which I have 2 headbands from!} It's been fun working with Brittany on her living room design plan and getting to know this sweet, genuine gal. I hope you'll enjoy meeting her today. Take it away, friend!

Hey ya'll, I"m Brittany from Love Stitched. Michaela is my favorite designer who planned out my new family room design that is ALMOST finished! eeek! So of course I was thrilled when she asked me to be her guest blogger today ;) as of THIS week {since lets be honest, it's always changing}...Here's what I'm feeling...

She loves me :

1.) Party planning {even though I have NO reasons to plan one} I am loving these ice cream bowls...great for any occasion!

2.) Anything COUNTRY...I am a cowgirl at heart and am crushing on all things back riding, wide open spaces, boots, lace, name it! {check out today's outfit post featuring my fav boots}!

3.) Awesome fonts to jazz up any printable, letter, or post {click here to see the full list}

4.) Anything to do with Ferris Wheels! I want this print blown up in my home...they make my heart skip a beat. Romantic and dreamy don't you think?

5.) My Iphone...need I say more? I'd be lost without it!
AND I could keep going but don't want to bore you with all the things I am LOVING right now!

She loves me NOT: 

1.)VERTIGO...I don't get it very often but when I do...blah!~ it's makes me feel like everything is spinning. Kinda of like that feeling you get when you get to the top of a really high building and look down...that moment of dizziness / unbalanced! It can last for hours!

Source: via Carly on Pinterest
2.)Living so far from my family :( My family is in California {where I was born and raised} and I live in Utah...I miss them all so much!

3.) The rising price of gas :( I think I should start riding a bike...before we know it - it's going to be $5 a gallon!

4.) The fact that one of my fav shows "HOUSE" is ending this season for good :( Dang I hate it when good shows end.

I guess I am in a good mood cause I can't think of too many things I am NOT loving right now....  Hope ya'll enjoyed! Be sure to stop by and say hi to me at Love Stitched ;)

Thank you, Brittany! I, too, am a country girl and love the boots, the music, and the flannels:) 
Go say hello to Brittany today!

Happy Wednesday! 
What are YOU loving this week?


  1. that gasoline sign is hilarious! i feel like when i hook up to the pump i should also hook an iv up to me that just takes everything from me to pay! UGH.
    and love country and party planning, too! going to save this so i can check out her blog.

  2. LOVE Brittany! She needs to move back to Cali :)

  3. your blog is darling!! happy i found it!! xoxo

  4. I'm a country girl, too! Kinda. And I of course love Ferris wheels because that's where the hubs said he loved me for the first time!


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