9 Reasons An Interior Designer Will Benefit You

Interior design is a luxury service. It's not for everyone and I understand that. That's part of the risk involved when you own your own service-based creative business! A risk I'm willing to take, because serving people and families through interior design fills me with such joy.

I never want to convince someone to hire me by being pushy! I want them to really want to work with me and be excited about all the benefits an interior designer will bring them. Serving my clients well is my top priority. Though it's a service that not everyone necessarily needs, I came up with 9 reason why hiring an interior designer will benefit you!

So, in no particular order, here we go...

1. Resale value.
Designers should be helping you make choices that are beautiful and functional for years to come, which should help maintain or increase your homes' resale value.

2. Saves you money, because things get done right the first time.
This is especially true if you hire a designer to help you at the beginning of a renovation or new build, as sometimes contractors do things the easy way, but not the most functional way or that is most aesthetically pleasing (a favorite example is where builders place lighting!). A number of things can go wrong or unforeseen, so the help of a designer during a renovation can ensure you do things right the first time, thus saving you money. A new client of mine and I just did a walkthrough of her new build house. While walking through, after the electrician came and wired the house, we noticed there was no outlet above the fireplace for the TV. It cost extra money for him to come back and install the necessary things, tearing down drywall in the process. If I had come on before the electrician, we would have been able to avoid this and make the decision together that, yes, the TV above the fireplace is the best solution to the room layout.

3. New ideas and a fresh set of eyes.
This is an obvious reason to hire a designer! You want your space to be reimagined and have new life. Your designer should definitely be able to do this!

4. Contacts & resources.
Your interior designer should have contacts to refer you to (ie. painters, window coverings, tile stores, contractors, etc.) They should also have a number of resources at their disposal, including designer accounts with stores so they can get you better prices on retail items. 

5. Create spaces that feel like YOU!
Sometimes my design clients come to me with inspiration and pieces they know they love, but they don't know how to put it all together to create a room that feels like them. Designers (in all areas, not just interiors) should be able to take information on what a client likes, glean their style, and then design a space that embodies their lifestyle and personality. That's what I try to do in all my client spaces!

6. Save time.
We source (the designer term for "shop" and "put together") so you don't have to. We place orders, run errands, and style your space so you are saving time left and right!

7. Save stress.
Going hand-in-hand with the above, additionally, you're saving yourself a whole bunch of stress in not having to do all of those things and ensuring your room will turn out beautifully, with the end vision in mind.

8. Things will actually fit to the scale of your room.
A good designer should be measuring your space and the pieces they are going to fill that space with, to be sure everything fits. This avoids hassle, returns, or loosing money when items aren't allowed to be returned. I use CAD for my client floor plans and draw everything in before we order. This also comes in handy as I can show my clients what the layout of their room will look like with an 8x10 rug versus a 6x9 rug. I can help them make educated buying decisions by showing them their rooms mocked up to scale.

9. You’ll (hopefully!) learn about design and why things work along the way, for future projects.
While designing, I really try to educate my clients on WHY I chose something or why this item works over this item. I definitely aim to share my knowledge on design as we work on the house!

If you're a designer, what did I miss?! What has your experience been working with a designer? I'd love to hear!


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