California Trip Recap

As you know, last week we were in California visiting my family. We brought Lincoln on the plane with us and he did great! More on that, if you're interested, below. I'm sharing a few snapshots of our trip here today! 

California is just so beautiful...we saw multiple sunsets with beautiful watercolor skies.

If you are wondering how Lincoln did on the flights, here was our experience. He's still small enough to fit in a carrier under the seat, so that worked out really well. I just got a soft carrier from Chewy that fit the measurement guidelines on our airline website. We flew United and they were nice and accommodating. Although we had it, no one asked to see his health certificate, we were able to take him out and walk him in the airport (which I wasn't expecting to be able to do) and we even put him on my lap for about an hour of one of the flights, because I could tell he was getting hot under the seat. The flight attendants didn't say anything, luckily. I've heard that some flight attendants are more strict than others and make the pets stay under the seat, so you kind of just have to feel it out! We scoped out the Pet Relief Area in each airport we had a layover at, and although Lincoln didn't do his business in it, it was nice that it was an option. It's not uncommon for puppies to only go where they feel comfortable, so the fact that this was a new place probably is what turned him off from using it ;)

Morning of the flight, we gave him a few pebbles of food, but not many. I just wanted his stomach to have something in it. We offered a quick sip of water in the morning, then no more after that. While we were on the flight, we let him have a quick drink as well so he wouldn't be dehydrated. I packed bones and toys and by suggestion, put a blanket in his carrier that smelled like us so he would be as nervous. It seemed to work before he slept the whole time! I think the sounds of the plane help that + puppies do like to sleep a lot!!

I got Starbucks cards for the people sitting next to us, in case Lincoln started barking or being a less-than-desirable seat mate ;) One woman loved him so much, she wouldn't even take the gift card! I'm planning to pay it forward next time I go to Starbucks with that leftover card. Another sweet older woman gladly accepted the gift card, but only because it was her birthday and she loved Starbucks! She pet Lincoln many times throughout the flight and it was so cute. I'd do it again with no hesitation! He was a great traveler. 

Onto our trip :)

We visited the Golden Gate Bridge (and drove over it to visit my cousin) then stopped at the lookout for some pictures. It was a mildly foggy day, but we could see the bridge just fine!

We also took a day trip to Carmel, the city we were married in. It was foggy near the water, but so sunny and beautiful in the valley. The dogs (my parents golden retriever, Hope, plus Lincoln) got to play on the beach for a bit, then we headed out to the Valley for some wine and appetizers at the place we had our rehearsal dinner, Holman Ranch Tavern.

Clearly he loves the sand. And also, this is the moment in which I realized he needed a haircut ;) HA!

My mom and I with the pup! He might be wondering where his hat is ;)

My first doggie, Hope. She LOVES the water. Lincoln, not so much!

I caught a picture of my dad and Hope as he played ball with her (her favorite) on the beach.

Even with the fog, the water was still so pretty and turquoise.

In the Carmel Valley are TONS of beautiful wineries, so we went the wine bar / restaurant we had our rehearsal dinner. By this time, Lincoln was wiped out, so he just laid on his own chair the whole time for the snooze.

My mom snuck some cuddles.

We just love being in Carmel Valley, so we had to document it with a family selfie!

We also stopped by Santa Cruz on our way out of the Carmel area to get back home. My dad has a new office center here, so he showed us around. My husband found a great coffee shop, Cat & Cloud Coffee (perfect for him, as he's a coffee snob!) so he bought some beans to take back to Michigan with us. He said it's one of his favorite coffees ever!

Before we headed home, we were so excited to take some one year anniversary photos + pictures with Lincoln with my friend Danyelle Dee Photography. She came to one of our Bloom Workshops last April in Carmel. I love her work and was so excited at the chance to work with her! I can't wait to share the pictures soon. We took them at the beautiful Villa Montalvo Arts Centerx.

While in town, I also got to meet with two of my California clients to check on their progress. Below you'll see potential fabrics for window treatments. I'm using The Shade Store for this project and I just love working with them. Such quality & beautiful fabrics / selections!

That was our trip in a nutshell! I'm so grateful we were able to go spend some time with family. I always treasure these times!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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  1. So gorgeous! The beach and bridge pics do look like watercolors! Glad Lincoln did well on the flight!!

  2. Did you go to the Anthro in Carmel? I was shocked to see it when I was there in May. It's on the smaller side, but killer sale deals.

  3. I'm sooo jealous that you got to bring your pup on the flight! We bring our 65 lb golden retriever everywhere, so obviously flights are out of the question. ;) It looks like you had a wonderful trip!


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