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In case you missed it, last week I rounded up some fun back-to-school supplies and must-haves. And honestly, even if you're not going back to school, there are some great desk supplies in there for my fellow girl bosses. 

I'll always remember how fun it was to shop for and put together my first dorm room. You can see it here, but no judgement allowed ;) My roommate and I worked so hard on that purple room. Then I had even more fun getting things for the apartments and houses I lived in, because there was more room to decorate and it felt more like a home. Today I'm sharing a few things I would put in my dorm or apartment if I could go back! 

DETAILSround storage ottoman / storage baskets / wood lamp base / milk glass and gold lamp base / gray duvet cover / striped duvet cover / cozy throw / banana leaf pillow / navy velvet pillow / floral pillow / sheepskin rug / tacos doormat / gold desk lamp / metallic tray / mint keurig / pineapple pen holder / nate berkus file folders / desk tufted chair / goals notebook / gold wall organization kit  / clover mirrors /

In a small space, storage and organization is key, so baskets, ottomans with hidden storage and trays for catch-all items are super important. Typically dorms and or first apartments are also very basic. My dorm room was a tiny, tiny little box with a sink, mirror and closet. It was nice and clean, but so boring! So we did anything we could to brighten things up and add some color, pattern, and texture. If I could go back, I'd do it completely differently now, but at the time I remember loving what we did. 

My biggest advice is to make the space feel homey and warm; a place you want to retreat to every day. You can do this by getting a cozy duvet, textured pillows, a nice throw blanket, some lighting that offers warmth to the space, a coffee maker (or a tea kettle in my case!), and adding lots of personal touches. 

If you're heading back to college or moving into a new small apartment, I hope these items help get your wheels turning! 


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