The Short List No. 5

Hey friends! I'm back today with a new edition of The Short List. This is always such a fun post to write because I get to hear from YOU as well. Be sure to leave a comment below with a few answers to the prompts! 

What We're Watching: I'm so excited that This is Us comes back on in just a little over a month!! (9.26 is the season premiere!) Currently I am into the new season of both Project Runway (this will always be a favorite of mine) and So You Think You Can Dance. I'm always amazed by those dancers!!

What I'm Loving: 

1. Our friends are getting married on Saturday! We're SO excited for them and I can't wait to attend this wedding, as it'll be our first together since being married. Weddings are my favorite. I am also the wedding planner, so it should be a busy wedding, but fun nonetheless! I'm doing the flowers today, too, and can't wait to get my hands on the pretty blooms. I'll share some peeks on Instagram. We're doing budvases on the tables to save money! Praying for some beautiful weather this weekend for the sweet couple.

2. Our wedding anniversary is coming up in a month! We're going to the beautiful Walloon Lake to celebrate with a weekend away. 

3. SUMMER! Never want it to end. I'm in denial that we could have snow in 2 months. Or IS Michigan. Ugh!

4. Starbucks' Strawberry Acai Refresher. I have to stop myself from getting one of these Try it with lemonade instead of water good!

6. The adorable fall items coming to The Mason Jar Boutique. Oh my...I don't want summer to end, but these clothes make the inevitable fall season a little less sad! Use the code BLOOM15 for 15% off your purchase.

7. This off the shoulder striped dress!! And the prices at the Loft are insane right now. 75% off these items.

What We're Eating: We've been making such easy dinners lately. I just marinade some chicken or steak and then my husband grills it and we serve it with a spinach salad or veggie + rice or potatoes. Easy and delish! I'm also planning to make my peach cobbler recipe soon, as it's a favorite summer dessert. I'll share the recipe shortly!

We've also been making green smoothies. Recipe: spinach, OJ, banana, strawberries, yogurt, crushed flax seeds, ice. 

What's on My Desk:  I've been really busy lately with client designs! This one is for a virtual design client who lives in the Bay Area. I was able to visit their home a few weeks ago when I was in town and showed the current kitchen on Instagram. In case you missed it, here's a peek:

And here is the inspiration board I created to hone in on the feeling we want for the newly remodeled kitchen. I can't wait to see this one come together, as it has everything I love in a kitchen!

Looking Forward to: Our Bloom workshop in September here in Michigan! There's one ticket left and I can't wait to meet everyone. The workshop is ALL about styled shoots. More details here! The venue is STUNNING, you guys. See?!

What We're Reading: I'm finishing up the Magnolia Story!

What Lincoln is up to: I had to add a section for him on here, so if you're interested in the pup, you can follow along in his growth! He weighed 16lbs at the vet last week, so he's officially double the weight he was when he came home to us. Crazy! He knows how to sit, shake paws, lay down, stay (pretty well), drop a toy on command and during fetch. He is still in the puppy biting stage, but he also lost 3 teeth this week so hopefully that's on its way out! He is the sweetest boy in the morning when he wakes up and cuddles with me in bed for a few minutes before starting the day with some play time. He goes to puppy class once a week and we take him to the dog park to play with friends a few times a week as well. His eyes are a light green color, which I love! I think they'll stay that way for good now. 

Day we got him:

NOW: (sneak peek of some anniversary + puppy photos!)

He has a few nicknames: Link, Lincoln Lou, Puppers, Mr. Buddy, Buddy Bear...that's about it ;)

Clearly I adore him, as you might see a lot of instagram stories featuring him. #Sorry!
That's my short list! Answer some of these in the comments so I can get to know you better :)

Thanks for reading!
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  1. We've been doing easy dinners too! Something about the end of summer! :)

  2. What I'm Reading: I'm about half-way through Looking for Lovely by Annie Downs. I've really enjoyed it so far!

    What I'm Looking Forward To: I'm taking my boyfriend home to meet my family for the first time this weekend, in conjunction with a surprise 50th birthday party for my aunt! :) I'm also looking forward to Labor Day weekend and a day off work!

  3. I LOVED the Magnolia story, I read it twice! I can't wait for Chip's book to come out, "Capital Gaines"!
    Okay Lincoln is adorable, and as a dog owner myself, I totally get the obsession! Our family revolves around our malti-poo Lucy. A book that I wish I had found when Lucy was a puppy was the Dog Whisperer, Caesar Milan. The man has lead a super interesting life and the way he explains dog psychology is fascinating. His simple recommendations corrected some behavior issues we were having with Miss Lucy!
    I love simple dinners, we have been eating similar meals, with the addition of fresh corn on the cob, yum! I have a smoothie every morning and recently started using coconut milk and kefir for the liquid instead of juice. It's a little less sweet, but still sweet enough.
    LOVE your mood board for the kitchen...dreamy! Joanna Gaines would approve!

  4. Watching: Bachelor in Paradise as cheesy as it is! We got rid of most cable a year ago so now I have to work with what's on the broadcast channels and Netflix!

    Looking forward to: a hair cut, birthday party, and family visiting this weekend! And gorgeous weather!

  5. I enjoyed this post.

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