Save vs. Splurge

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! On Saturday we cleaned our apartment (needed it so bad!), took Lincoln to the dog park, where he met another Lincoln doggy, and then we went on a date to mini golf. It was such a fun day! Sunday was spent at church, getting our pup a new collar since he grew out of the current one, going to our nephew's birthday party, the dog park again, then catching up on work before the work week starts again.

You might know that I love a good price on clothing and home decor (sales always get me!), so I thought it'd be fun to hunt down similar items at different price points. Save vs. Splurge is back today with some great items- a simple and sweet t-shirt, distressed denim, and some beautiful finds for the home, too. There are definitely places to invest and go for the more pricey item -- for me, that's good denim! -- and I'm not saying it's bad to shop more expensive stores or anything, it's just also cool to see that you can get similar looks for less. Hope you like it!

twist tie t-shirt: save / splurge * The cheaper version actually got better reviews!
distressed denim: save / splurge
leather tote: save / splurge * Great for back to school or a work bag
marble coffee table: save / splurge 
marble cookbook stand: save / splurge * The "save" version is on my wish list!
moroccan pouf: save / splurge
I can't believe the price difference on the leather bag and the poufs!

Are you like me, and love hunting down good deals?! You should see me when I see a red sale sign or husband always reminds me "you're still spending money if you buy something on sale." And I usually reply "well, less money than I would have!" ;)

Happy Monday!
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